REX - Ryok Haka Rex coin Ryok Haka Rex coin (REX) coin on Solana

Ryok Haka Rex coin REX is a crypto coin (token) that running on Solana Ecosystem ERC-20 RecentCoin Increase Ryok Haka Rex coin reach!

REX Price
$0 ( 0%)
Fully diluted market cap
Total supply: 2,000,000 REX
24h Trade Volume: $0
Liquidity: $0
Holders: 256 addresses
24h Transactions: -
REX market: Raydium Swap Bonfida Orca Atrix 1Sol Spin Dexlab Mango.Markets
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ERC-20 Token Solana Ecosystem

Ryok Haka Rex coin (REX) profile

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Check contract: Dy66WHU3DqSKZeCMt3S7645oyP1D3mkJzB2CevjPmm1F
Listed: 2022-01-19 05:05:04
Decimals: 0
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Ryok Haka Rex coin REX holders addresses dynamic

REX holders snapshot

Rank Address Quantity Percentage
1 6E1HqxhAjpef84YdPyEg5rg7FfSDGyHjXt378nzYgqMN 2000000 100%
Ryok Haka Rex coin on Solscan Check Ryok Haka Rex coin holders on Solscan

Ryok Haka Rex coin REX daily transactions dynamic

Ryok Haka Rex coin on Solscan Check Ryok Haka Rex coin transactions on Solscan

Wallets that support REX ERC-20 tokens on Solana Ecosystem

Just choose and install any of following supported wallets. Π‘opy Ryok Haka Rex coin (REX) contact address and add in your wallet.

Coin98 Coin98 Solflare Solflare Trust Wallet Trust Wallet Zelcore Zelcore Mathwallet Math Wallet

How to buy & swap REX coin?

How to buy REX coin

Coins with similar name

Name Ticker Contract Network Age
Rex 0x2058d57239ed8359af2e607dde8f2707e8cda0f2 BSC 1 month
REX 0x75c9a250a1f1d16fb672422cd9ba0f8cd0caa954 BSC 1 month
REX 0xd2edc121aaa1e33bf9fb6d0fc79e5ac6c1a95548 BSC 1 month
REX 0x73e847c60f03175d918de630833858d3c197335f BSC 2 months
Rex 0x6a095d236bafe2dfb4ee401b130facf68d4bf914 BSC 2 months
REX - Rex
REX 0x5e4a838398805913f1c9508ceb3e212da8e575a8 BSC 2 months
REX - Rex
REX 0x8c399f6fd0bf0aba7957bde50c850d4194f14bb1 BSC 2 months
REX - Rex
REX 0x15f751cb390541a2bf835d4f8365fae75c1bf496 ETH 2 months
REX - Rex
REX 0xf09d38fa56f746ecda19b2120dc00f822589f6dd BSC 2 months
REX - Rex
REX 0xb59db7ca1df9abf56bf018d311459e5c5581b2d8 ETH 2 months
REX 0x2b9e2bc7d682af4c41ecaa9d0b7af34273a0307e ETH 3 months
REX - God
REX 0x961b54f88ee862f7f8074d5b222a9c86fbedc8b7 ETH 3 months
REX 0xbdc6ed9eee4a07e1c28051a7bc7a7f405b064dc5 ETH 3 months
REX 0x20a51b65f516e733b3c5d9c55d91c47a491b4d1e ETH 3 months
REX 0x3812a7aa87e872df0eda9d77de12c0ece11852fa Polygon 3 months
rex 0x8ca0b17eae151d7fb4ab07c6b784ea7f4b610a0b BSC 3 months
REX 0x2393d598c205826e7a28b9ea4a86f1344fdd662e Polygon 3 months
REX 0x30a0d3a21b1010b21a9d6d8b0c30cef228e77d45 BSC 3 months
REX 0xfa7c2be34a9209f47f5107708fba529377726b5e ETH 3 months
REX 0xbd4cfdf98cd93cf2dc55512da46d3f040d100609 BSC 3 months
REX 0xa8d58a0d45434e05349967fbb585b51ec093d38d BSC 3 months
REX 0xfd019c7e66f40a606de2c709d83eacb1475525c0 Polygon 3 months
REX 0xa3e9ac7960669950a0a31386e3f1a633fff6088a ETH 3 months
REX - Rex
REX 0xe2a74b9d9fe0a46784ec34754bfffd28d17f92a9 BSC 4 months
REX 0xca60b1e658a432ad8429c73559e5fe1eb3518878 ETH 4 months
rex 0x3e1059b9447a6727ee5112c8c2f68917875c96e4 BSC 4 months
REX - Rex
REX 0xb2df8661c7ee5accd54f666b016a4d6412c0f02d BSC 4 months
rex - rex
rex 0x4d0b560e6b22979a59947bcd0ec7173419784894 BSC 4 months
REX 0x397624e7423fab52f8f24b0e8dd4445544b560d9 BSC 4 months
REX 0x6c749620f34ef576ab0e2297a20af59c38917892 BSC 4 months
REX 0xe2639ae63ec5b0dd6fe7248037d770e92eb0238f BSC 4 months
REX - Rex
REX 0x5d01164a33a6430102e494f49fdce9d0219630b5 BSC 5 months
REX - Rex
REX 0x643adbe758e2660ea1683d3b96c789207bcd5055 BSC 5 months
REX 0x7f074c7c38b9fca44da6844116d06b26ca76eb8b ETH 5 months
rex 0x991027ac8a71b24c388afa08fef7a53018f5ade6 BSC 5 months
REX 0xeb763f2045822e014712d60fa0fe51ea7a6e7574 BSC 6 months
REX 0xDB0454a6faB6d6491858c14Ef4473f4EE6671241 BSC 7 months
REX 0xc793718acd8916653d4eb9174a36f69473785c3e ETH 7 months
REX 0xe292a41db000414d5bc7c1d1607cb39c1613f4e4 ETH 7 months
REX 0xd967941340e4e90c8a8264185cfa952044717043 Polygon 8 months
rex - REX
rex 0x41885e3712224ebe68b03d496cbc3f02b43a79f7 BSC 8 months
REX 0xd4d2f959ca861561ec2a6d3902c2809692f87ad0 BSC 8 months
REX - Rex
REX 0xe23f22146765eda5b3e2492dc92253177890173d ETH 8 months
REX - Rex
REX 0x27887d0c57db1cd923be00c0c45315e886a6ddf2 BSC 9 months
REX 0xbce6f40d6b25280d9ddc3f8da0205c90da47199b BSC 9 months
REX 0x67da87895756715b69606b97c7d7f1c462a2c6a6 ETH 10 months
REX 0x27b77943663128442bbbf8c53710e1a7ca29475a ETH 10 months
REX 0x50e292394f15da1ef8de0891ca5b87ebf4bfe369 ETH 10 months
REX - Rex
REX 0x86ccd608b370a59f9cca35e44a94a9d55abb4ec3 BSC 10 months
REX 0x2e9251a92b368cbd1a15b4a63e578783185221f6 ETH 11 months
REX 0x43698c5b69ba8620b3ca4af6c6831e14c3ecea24 ETH 1 year
REX 0x0304266a4a521afc138c19dd1df27321a6df3075 ETH 1 year
REX 0x19e97762a1aee91f3f87f1d28737b465449ccfc7 BSC 1 year
REX 0xb521022eead7e7eee95d30ba1a1f0ab657f83a61 Polygon 1 year
REX 0xa0c324b15efef0dc13163aaf60470ede64d17b83 BSC 1 year
Rex - Rex
Rex 0xdd0c580176619bd9724fd08396935a9ab524ee02 BSC 1 year
REX 0xd3da22a9ffccb6c73563a991d31e6ec1089576a6 BSC 1 year
REX 0xe5d22095f2c1d554f79d77332d9882cb5fe2b414 BSC 1 year
REX 0x5ee3af79fd2e3619c0c4b704409b9c18fcc2a3be BSC 1 year
REX 0xc31cbf0ba5d0fad2cbeb06acb8ea4c3c3ad909dc Fantom 1 year
REX 0x5bf844122db21ae6f787ddda9806aa7dd6489998 ETH 1 year
Rex - Rex
Rex 0xa33fac40f62b7aa975d8835eaa8a4df8b74161bd AVAX 1 year
Rex - Rex
Rex 0xd48e5873db000e862cea4fd17a07162b9026ee4b AVAX 1 year
REX 0xe1f46aae18db957b3761cda353a5c46a7225df14 ETH 1 year
REX 0xd4fF54bA8119d43c45aa2946c263369CF2E14976 BSC 1 year
REX 0x2786C065DF742982be6036226955F6ea2d306C33 BSC 1 year
REX 0xf7c32e3c21DF7b98ED6aAfB385c3B7F9623dfdCC BSC 1 year
REX 0x43690099a37976be3b385e134b8eca9bd3fdbbe0 ETH 1 year
REX 0xb29228202abf656e0ff2c1166d03798cea2e1092 BSC 1 year
REX 0xBa490B7c3089BdDb3f5213e6372BfdBEdAb63c33 BSC 1 year
REX 0xfe28cf189764901a0a817b54f55fe2e47df711bb Polygon 1 year
REX 0x5e0b09b04d6990e76dfe9bf84552a940fd0be05e BSC 2 years
REX 0x2c9f78896b108fa569709453041866182b632f56 BSC 2 years
REX 0xf05a9382a4c3f29e2784502754293d88b835109c ETH 6 years

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