PLS - Platforms Platforms (PLS) coin on BSC

Platforms PLS is a crypto coin (token) that running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20 RecentCoin Increase Platforms reach!

PLS Price
$0 ( 0%)
Fully diluted market cap
Total supply: 0 PLS
24h Trade Volume: $0
Liquidity: $0
Holders: 0 addresses
24h Transactions: -
PLS market: Pancake Swap Pancake Swap Mdex Mdex BSC Swap BSC Swap Any Swap Any Swap BSC Station BSC Station DEX.Guru DEX.Guru Para Swap Para Swap Poocoin Poocoin Arken.Finance Arken.Finance
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BEP-20 Token Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Platforms (PLS) profile

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Check contract: 0x1b059ae8f1e9676a827e165c79e18008970e8cef
Listed: 2023-01-25 03:29:06
Decimals: 9
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Wallets that support PLS BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Just choose and install any of following supported wallets. ะกopy Platforms (PLS) contact address and add in your wallet.

Binance Chain Wallet Binance Chain Wallet Metamask Metamask Zelcore Zelcore Trust Wallet Trust Wallet Mathwallet Math wallet

How to buy PLS coin on mobile?

How to buy PLS coin on mobile

How to buy PLS coin on PC?

How to buy PLS coin on pc

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Name Ticker Contract Network Age
pls 0x8aa9186aa27f0310b643736d0bbde4bd99a9221e Polygon 2 months
PLS 0xfbb3e3d7519aa3a4a5d844eadc466dfb8879875b BSC 3 months
PLS 0xdb28a203ad745c6c90787c1559d577ceb5feb50a BSC 3 months
PLS 0x2a55488de439f43a3c6c626229d7c91d58c876ea BSC 3 months
PLS 0x8939788b4d2502bbb7e67007d4a11bdf30439ae9 BSC 3 months
PLS 0x4ec9568769a3015e641f7919835903840fd5030e BSC 3 months
PLS 0x9c5de51027d58d9da1ea4ed2f6acdf5f739987c7 BSC 3 months
PLS 0xf3cbe7e11af0c452c55a8bff87eb98f44ae36400 BSC 3 months
PLS 0x59ea139ba5e14550368c1f1dcdca26f6fd25e2cc BSC 3 months
PLS 0x35e221c67b07da85964f3a48cc1c03048ad6421a BSC 3 months
PLS 0x972ae0d2874d1673b20d53ba6b0116c66aa03b12 BSC 3 months
PLS 0xfc65cf03fd6404c68e20791084f5bb775e5b927f BSC 3 months
PLS 0xd200747f0c4d5e719caa871d195b868e9491cb8a BSC 3 months
PLS 0x0c0ce42cae79a5dbe09f8f638dd3bba92e7a56de BSC 3 months
PLS 0x95b37dcdb65542d73cf302295177225faa1390ab BSC 3 months
PLS 0x60366f9ed52cefaba2f0728f575dc43a7275c588 BSC 4 months
PLS 0x611fd34c35e93c708739dac8814acb80b9cf7cb7 BSC 4 months
PLS 0xca8288eced5e6943a56be8b0c32f4cc0a3b9bcea BSC 4 months
PLS 0xbc397d73ca699229e1091864b7baf10b892c127e BSC 4 months
Pls 0x3f9d3ef3a5b5b0127c1563bf38faa0e8ed10f9b5 BSC 4 months
pls 0xa02171a01e5854236add617db91a325c302f42be BSC 4 months
pls 0xecc15dcc76bb0f911ae056aa0b5cc68f51a59030 BSC 4 months
pls 0x5b57fded8f145296cdddc46edbec16073094d854 BSC 4 months
pls 0x6e8917e31a4ac40e7a0a4221165323f13ab34808 BSC 4 months
PLS 0xfbdb40411b0f836c8653db3030cacb8dbed404d0 BSC 4 months
PLS 0x7a7ab5418a391373d700966e502acf1573f3e0c6 BSC 4 months
PLS 0xe4052f67f92cca51939624c0d2a8fa0317e66da6 BSC 4 months
PLS 0xb72cd7b74b73b2ccf8d34052859d235ca1065f00 BSC 4 months
PLS 0xe09c9722ff177878038c4bc9cdfeb2514ed87e72 BSC 4 months
PLS 0xb5c7c5b40cba9ac085155537ce8543c2582cb43b BSC 4 months
PLS 0x175840b2edb3fec036f4a93edef5aefc1749e488 BSC 4 months
PLS 0xfca8939f183daddf631b49f0f64a18f28720f98d BSC 4 months
PLS 0x5c5f6ae52a98a559bdfc33e923bf6bdc90d44cb2 ETH 4 months
PLS 0x631a172eb76e2f4131c44e3dad807139c7ad9f61 BSC 4 months
PLS 0xba9a51fd6756fc629b041ed9797e2acb62860807 BSC 4 months
PLS 0x5585ec875425c2715bbe612978732141c6b1a05f BSC 4 months
PLS 0x9c8b87264726ed5dda2a732b21bf70cd27acab98 Polygon 4 months
PLS 0xa107cca2b9b24e2f8a139c1e953163a05bf79a27 Polygon 4 months
PLS 0x466b2517de71e412b699723c790a933678490f8e ETH 4 months
PLS 0xbf3f16d925eb7bdbcff5c9248b3a50cafa1fb15e BSC 4 months
pls 0xdbc976ede86d9dd0254f67bf057e971cc5d5b178 BSC 4 months
PLS 0x0019e0eb221ce27be3d995e10fdd814f43c56495 Polygon 4 months
PLS 0x0651dd6dc671336f73de382038a00d468a9fd61b ETH 4 months
PLS 0xc56daa880bc5a3da6029249e0e6f61d7c1fd3f0f BSC 6 months
Pls 0x10c64e73d1bff65a441e63a30787ee84a08b2cb1 ETH 6 months
PLS 0xbc82bf046e0cd7b8189154146c4a9b00e38f54b2 BSC 6 months
pls 0xdaef7b775bf6275e70860ed8e094516dbb1a1973 BSC 6 months
PLS 0x6cE880baC73c4f0835a8EF5DCF4833c9600546a0 BSC 6 months
PLS 0xdfc432ba501b4fd0416b26cf8135a2afd769c0aa ETH 7 months
PLS 0xd9eaa386ccd65f30b77ff175f6b52115fe454fd6 BSC 8 months
PLS 0xa3ede6c5f68423e1744301496890c9b3a6899c42 BSC 8 months
PLS 0x1975d7ce3c81b9c517951174f14fa4fbcdd358c6 ETH 9 months
PLS 0xd065672bcb34fa58b7dbf4f4a85b6ad921176673 BSC 9 months
PLS 0x74ee9a4a5963026646f220a4012eb87c63e94eff Polygon 9 months
PLS 0x625fcfa5a3e553f38df1cd8f7c6b1d97d3e010ef BSC 10 months
PLS 0x109a71d8c708d4bcdf2852642f532f6c31bea7d0 BSC 10 months
PLS 0xe41555bdc4c4ee57dd30db6e832d537257480808 BSC 10 months
PLS 0x0ff6c6c6954e7bdefa926b596cbc7beaa821dc59 BSC 10 months
PLS 0x472fb70703b38b3ba704d7628d75285959b93597 BSC 10 months
PLS 0x68bc2bfe9f0f6fdcedc077045b50f46d4a93160c BSC 10 months
PLS 0xaaa42540cd4b4326a4be6152f84bdbf06784e8be BSC 10 months
PLS 0x3c3551f2d7512c0c32fa5d7b30f74a50234adc4d BSC 10 months
PLS 0x61c84c1e97e534bbdc32e744e72249a2765edcc9 BSC 10 months
PLS 0xb958701a4378002ce4f99960f3e5cd042fc2691c BSC 10 months
PLS 0x0845864673b3b9c519573fe1c5088d2b225f29aa Polygon 10 months
PLS 0x70256934df8ad02a581bbac805965aff04bb0fa8 ETH 11 months
PLS 0x7503d11769c1d2df6dd5069a277a5c4edcc4f23f BSC 1 year
PLS 0x389dbac88b6575168d5bb381e9df8e2961b91ea0 Polygon 1 year
PLS 0xd2553a3713f7dbd82e1604ec053463f158f76ae2 Polygon 1 year
PLS 0xe62654e036e3e87450444c8af84b5cdcaae02d14 BSC 1 year
PLS 0xe06ed98dd9e43c5229aa5ee66f0b99e1abd7851f BSC 1 year
PLS 0xa0e07fd67e2400d16674f8336b82d026efaf07de ETH 1 year
PLS 0x7e8e935fa289fb033af9e62f911f73e640f8e486 BSC 1 year
PLS 0x7b9a3432a412e45e498c7b368be55dbe792adfb1 BSC 1 year
PLS 0xf79bd30d5ef2b53c9edcf74a42a2648a0c21d458 BSC 1 year
pls 0xab288eac86a0f119c99b51dbee183b6f9b32a527 Polygon 1 year
PLS 0x6f69092a4c1eaad84bc92f34a7a0dceafcbc297c BSC 1 year
PLS 0x0f4467ff276fff78dee4b4bff8019609b38b1939 BSC 1 year
PLS 0x7d408c890d80c56fea6549175dce22491e318e22 ETH 1 year
PLS 0x060bdfbfc0d022f1f51ce87eed8f0ed1a696344d ETH 1 year
PLS 0x1898003430e2949d5ae1e115da4e7e7a5c49f41c ETH 1 year
PLS 0x1dbe9f1f5f1d042e40a29d931a7280f8a87c187f BSC 1 year
PLS 0xcc6e9b3093566452b89e2ce87fb3cd29e2e8d737 BSC 1 year
PLS 0x04cD8a05DDdE0549606250d0bF8d3B799EBd6679 Polygon 1 year
PLS 0x0848837133f76b3149ca08bd39e898cd2f4549fe BSC 1 year
PLS 0x704b441d59149ca1665776807667e3706165f198 BSC 1 year
PLS 0xfc6b4c1cad8fea76e7fc21e2c6a3cb1cb2ea0799 BSC 1 year
PLS AcMqhvAD1qG2K1pesnXLix1zPQDMW54rBdaqUznmWhcS Solana 1 year
PLS 0xe28842ae6aeb5d2cf29f0705dc4da29136524e1d BSC 1 year
PLS 0xff8c309bb8586dce681e66b2f69cf4d64ec538ee BSC 1 year
PLS 0xf28bfc7578a5a6326904cd1e4488b294261acb42 BSC 1 year
PLS 0xa24ace6125621c2c32d4b0c0da1c078a39db077c ETH 1 year
PLS 0xd947d8c6b916242eb569189b7595847554675af4 BSC 1 year
PLS 0x64102c23553F57A2E1cC3805B465D55b93a25717 BSC 1 year
PLS 0x20a5df254201300ee8a96b67de4b3c9273d521b2 BSC 1 year
PLS 0xe04f3C93cfd2B233ce19f0C4F28c0d461a64c1d6 BSC 1 year
PLS 0x1D91c3bcE5dA0d98FB869999074F65D3d1d9A1E7 BSC 1 year
PLS 0xd147ab477b406e030d09e135ee73f297f99e7ef0 BSC 2 years
PLS 0xe42da49d5271836b3c96088bf02d488e9e8d38a9 BSC 2 years
PLS 0x20e8df7c266183c63a04a7cd75eaf08b28deb300 ETH 2 years
PLS 0x40eb49c971bceda8ea9998256aa7375f6bf05e90 ETH 2 years
PLS 0x15638e37d21b784bf25e0d2abeb1382e559b0eba ETH 2 years
PLS 0x2659cb928f6f705c1e574464361882fd6e92e1f9 BSC 2 years
PLS 0x944ae19f972acf343f4eea664af9e021f625959f ETH 3 years

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