MGC - Marcus Garvey Coin Marcus Garvey Coin (MGC) coin on ETH

Marcus Garvey Coin MGC is a crypto coin (token) that running on Ethereum ERC-20 RecentCoin Increase Marcus Garvey Coin reach!

MGC Price
$0 ( 0%)
Fully diluted market cap
Total supply: 200,000 MGC
24h Trade Volume: $0
Liquidity: $0
Holders: 6 addresses
24h Transactions: -
MGC market: Uniswap Uniswap DEX.Guru DEX.Guru Para Swap Para Swap Mdex Mdex Any Swap Any Swap Any Swap Sushi Swap Arken.Finance Arken.Finance
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ERC-20 Token Ethereum

Marcus Garvey Coin (MGC) profile

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Check contract: 0x0319b090a3eda2d432af27c8af80c268528f1880
Listed: 2020-10-31 08:20:51
Decimals: 18
Official site: -
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MGC coin price dynamic

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Marcus Garvey Coin MGC holders addresses dynamic

MGC holders snapshot

Rank Address Quantity Percentage
1 0xce27cf9c67c6b824f03f38d85322916773337a80 198,499.969455324467496597 99.249984727662%
2 0x02831c192412ce883db2ee1256cfae67d35d1c35 1,000.01974397846968402 0.50000987198923%
3 0x721cc4e455ac1e6c6adbee66c9ce346244dc6f10 500 0.25%
4 0x40c7703621941b46791029b7d12c53c36007a0dc 0.008 4.0E-6%
5 0x34f2e0175aeaa3680b278e02d5873f34d63f4a6a 0.002800697062818442 1.4003485314092E-6%
6 Uniswap V2: MGC 4 0.000000000000000941 4.705E-19%
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Marcus Garvey Coin MGC daily transactions dynamic

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Wallets that support MGC ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum

Just choose and install any of following supported wallets. Сopy Marcus Garvey Coin (MGC) contact address and add in your wallet.

MyEtherWallet MyEtherWallet Trust Wallet Trust Wallet Metamask Metamask Zelcore Zelcore Trust Wallet Trust Wallet Mathwallet Math wallet

How to buy MGC coin on mobile?

How to buy MGC coin on mobile

How to buy MGC coin on PC?

How to buy MGC coin on pc

Coins with similar name

Name Ticker Contract Network Age
MGC 0x772aa07a83a5930fe08efa0eff551d9b628dccc8 BSC 9 months
MGC 0x5424d3d6c1eafbf56726b8edad5e2dad431e0469 BSC 10 months
MGC 0x78a2160bb26c6743b46618d58f1d72e4a9e04cd3 BSC 10 months
MGC 0x71c20e781c623c022134713ef7f78aacf0109849 BSC 10 months
MGC 0x19342f5953143a0f50c8ce6c4b13d4d6cb71ae83 BSC 10 months
MGC 0x33da3fc77b6620593e8ed638b69e492928069707 BSC 10 months
mgc - mgc
mgc 0x29f7292ea8ab0ba57b25536d0f2bd9743038a811 BSC 10 months
MGC 0x6464ce3c73783d614b75296202d789f85e68dd31 BSC 10 months
MGC 0x4bc16dc3568c7a8547fa5082312afa384636a732 BSC 11 months
MGC 0x45e22f0d028a9e09f1b81d0bc17a8b31fc87ca72 BSC 11 months
MGC 0x1f1ef35d711ad40a2ac6eeade42eb73b19d49f4a BSC 11 months
MGC 0x2bdc03a16411d12f4ed7562e85451afda24e4e4b BSC 11 months
Mgc 0x6182bedf1727e12ff53717b9756f7c84e61458a9 BSC 11 months
Mgc 0x3de012dc11b64717ef79160a877ed9f38b375001 BSC 11 months
MGC 0xa3fb9e365f0a0826650dd2fe4723288c61fa3c87 BSC 11 months
MGC 0xc7f0c561c5691775827976b96f80269c7aae493c BSC 1 year
MGC 0xbc7e18961da35f3d12247071f7ed186d43a825c9 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x76909f68eb7b45c0536ce8b48f24fab149c98516 ETH 1 year
MGC 0xcad85db64afc3ce70a8c0a8fd7782513a1155728 Polygon 1 year
MGC 0x8e5848a4486ea56400727a7785d4cf75bcb42cba BSC 1 year
MGC 0xb741642069588fb8ee24dbf11baeaceb98bdc5c0 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x03a1ab7ad6b3b61e2a88ddfd5d76f006786dc442 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x0788151205557a996c3b24e80bf8fd6c0539b3c6 BSC 1 year
MGC 0xd43e97bfa1bb414f1f891e84b2c4b970611a1737 BSC 1 year
MGC 0xf773079fcf3af24cbc9a46ada86b52e5c4114042 Polygon 1 year
MGC 0x0ace2cfe2c22dfded6fd3d8347b6e046eb60b58e BSC 1 year
MGC 0x89f8542d46bc04b5018639b5af6fc5c9ad2358d6 BSC 1 year
MGC 0xc152544493f079ef7a026ea50d98898f3bc78578 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x3d64f7b86762dbfb34e8476b989f1f2e6ac6ef58 BSC 1 year
MGC 0xc7d41824BD8dd31063d79B8c0b03e4c97BFcB583 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x7ef933144012384e720725f54f354bd66097ec35 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x9bDbC2D3A312D74628f480192783981B64d552B4 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x739aebd551fc8a2094be722cd05ec40d8aadfcab BSC 1 year
MGC 0xd51727a08290a08ea3a753b8b09eaf5aea4eb973 Polygon 1 year
MGC 0x33d9669178500da624bcc57a6a9138d5a3746e0a BSC 1 year
MGC 0xb1c0b20b6f87c3d1a5c71e0318b1249173c65e81 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x9bccf0d16d46b9652a71ce2bcc27ea13e8420332 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x33f3470bd66653598b09060f3d4780b9054fa9df BSC 1 year
MGC 0xc4db620f7ea4f299303eac3968903a6017238d94 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x8fd56c7692cfed0b716fa440eed27b908d469890 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x8fD56C7692cfeD0b716fA440eED27b908d469890 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x2a9154ec2ee34e5c5003db31cba5778709d767a8 Polygon 1 year
MGC 0x7d91a04cb43f4bf8686f59564c5f533b566d6810 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x1841cea647683c4bb0c53b729aebf4fde3c2ad4e BSC 1 year
MGC 0x8a1367afc543c4e9a7d47576d163875bdd392015 BSC 1 year
MGC 0xed45d653bc3e8455009dd6506fa2ae91d560428a BSC 1 year
MGC 0x6b89b9856985df9475d23f4be144fa5cd36e4b76 BSC 1 year
MGC 0xfd6b491246dcac4f2bc1aeb9ef94f12db0739c84 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x1626c0945b51a8b34a01b134bd656f3366955138 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x12d1f8b3e1ec86d23eefbb3cf6a5f69885b6f1c5 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x4f14d5fef6be77d3165413a215cbd9e9e39aa16b BSC 1 year
MGC 0x882814c361eec275f8630c3e71fcfb0154c42eb1 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x9e6605e28221f96b2eaf0738816f236325bd5b35 ETH 1 year
MGC 0x3cf37cd07d873dc5edf5fb13b0388c894f0e3f6f BSC 1 year
MGC 0x86f0e152077a129f7487d2e176076c924cf06961 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x7773feaf976599a9d6a3a7b5dc43d02ac166f255 BSC 1 year
MGC 0xf6f8db44b3e3cb12f6f99e0ca788bd18e1da7d61 BSC 1 year
MGC 0xd8ec493951171c54caaffbb0f45630904550fd79 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x15a6adb49e9fb132788dac3fc7f6845e47c40cb2 BSC 1 year
MGC 0xab431fd8ea0e3f96dca518e0ccb4dfb1701747ff BSC 1 year
MGC 0xc09c5a7c684843b73aeeea36ae01d06ecffb96fa BSC 1 year
MGC 0xc018f80580c9a8bdb8b98c035130da5e4c87e687 BSC 1 year
MGC 0x2619b339688e189ca52b49e2d4a48b0707f55166 BSC 2 years
MGC 0xB3c48d947Be4d70ca9ad00D16d33a1e5505A7A71 BSC 2 years
MGC 0xE7a5Cb268b8f30BCcC92BAA6AD2bca519D064C43 BSC 2 years
MGC 0x5BdE28301Fc0d5461Cc51D3763e9b02d3Aebf9b3 Polygon 2 years
MGC 0xbf78e4066cff7c9dc2bebe70864e1063274cffa7 BSC 2 years
MGC 0xa69739aa8d4a0670ceb1ca5022738233f829d3f3 BSC 2 years
MGC 0xfe8caba1dfa61c6342ea2ec71693eddca479d0a5 BSC 2 years
MGC 0x911555639a61fbd8adbeba9a94ebfe747f055e15 BSC 2 years
MGC 0x4ab90d927315ed8b6192d508f26174d4df138595 BSC 2 years
MGC 0xc5ab061604594c32f1958cd5bbde12a929ab4f04 BSC 2 years
MGC 0xecce4f35825aa3023ac11e4a85030ee5722bcd43 BSC 2 years
MGC 0x1a4e63abb4fbae2c24ba718302129790162c4e0c BSC 2 years
MGC 0xb2c13b9d8660674708d07cc0bf32589026fe3611 BSC 2 years
MGC 0xE88ECf37bCED52f70BCb811145bdaCf661d8f633 BSC 2 years
MGC 0x9b456813246b6c87769abf7a13293d09d70096d0 BSC 2 years
MGC 0x8c47f2aa9bad536782d5956b8bffdf1c9d299f99 BSC 2 years
MGC 0x28f9ba244cb0f8e435088224724628d0635c2302 BSC 2 years
MGC 7ZjyPmx4JNu6Wu5eXBBbtB63Z9Ga7Psxqax2WBr8fD2a Solana 2 years
MGC 0x1bc7e08ce28c1cf10f86e663a3ee07466778ee8a BSC 2 years
MGC 0x36d36460d96707c1fdb56d390e0bb5a3f7047f4a BSC 2 years
MGC 0x1c0e00672b843580156f7cd4c4551765e9c432cf BSC 2 years
MGC 0x6488dDd1104d09c9272FA397152ecC6AE818885C BSC 2 years
MGC 0x9553d95097e655e7a3A203Fc04419Ae6fDFdA812 BSC 2 years
MGC 0x9DC8B42921B8810B5A388E7f54DA61e778b1F388 BSC 2 years
MGC 0x3b7ecfe1e0c52e998feebc497c5a614811e3b340 BSC 2 years
MGC 0xb94d7ef909382c545986e364d00fcbc774222284 BSC 2 years
MGC 0x78ec4c365a7b05824bd61c59d4aebb38feebad10 BSC 2 years
MGC 0x2aB5C606a5AA2352f8072B9e2E8A213033e2c4c9 Fantom 2 years
MGC 0x000261D7CADb6BC1fd138a187c7ab298fcD26417 BSC 2 years
MGC 0x114c50bc9b540e5f45e7878538a11e159e53dd3e BSC 2 years
MGC 0x7ea9ba29c7c3be1288d6e746c2d85268c79d5875 BSC 3 years
MGC 0x5289821af6aaebe7590d172b25d369a9d3d52cb8 BSC 3 years
MGC 0x919a9efce90bc7cc7427bd52162d67b686c760e7 ETH 5 years
MGC 0xa6eb54102f20095679882db4c84e72e65ab782a4 ETH 5 years
MGC 0xab99a1ff27e9114a4e873c5dd82395c846ffc480 ETH 7 years

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