LDOGE - LiL Doge LiL Doge (LDOGE) coin on BSC

LiL Doge LDOGE is a crypto coin (token) that running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20 RecentCoin Increase LiL Doge reach!

$1.5392207904243 ( 0%)
Fully diluted market cap
Total supply: 10,000,000,000,000 LDOGE
24h Trade Volume: $0
Liquidity: $0
Holders: 50 addresses
24h Transactions: -
LDOGE market: Pancake Swap Pancake Swap Mdex Mdex BSC Swap BSC Swap Any Swap Any Swap BSC Station BSC Station DEX.Guru DEX.Guru Para Swap Para Swap Poocoin Poocoin Arken.Finance Arken.Finance
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BEP-20 Token Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

LiL Doge (LDOGE) profile

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Check contract: 0xfb2d085aada10923b3a8959afb38fb26a6267755
Listed: 2022-01-11 21:31:25
Decimals: 18
Official site: -
Social profiles: -
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LiL Doge LDOGE holders addresses dynamic

LDOGE holders snapshot

Rank Address Quantity Percentage
1 PancakeSwap V2: LDOGE 36 9,583,551,647,938.873970896585105335 95.835516479389%
2 0xd0f4cc80151064aac94e4a8deebd1d55fd08e0e2 232,498,613,610.473736748576499997 2.3249861361047%
3 0x0d9b1e53cbb251572d982d9f96520e8d40d22bb0 75,018,093,326.639999999999999996 0.7501809332664%
4 0xf7a53f59631a6703a5f64e8602f4b988d53a030e 49,952,200,000 0.499522%
5 0x203a19414a04d80777101785402b98ed4310587a 21,093,341,583.722943813049968665 0.21093341583723%
6 0x1b638c31e2d78fa369b5bc3a55b5a06c46bc7a9f 9,654,679,742.980150941622678647 0.096546797429802%
7 0x2532db39da4ba4e66b07084c4f521676566f898d 6,946,119,752.466666666666666666 0.069461197524667%
8 0x3b42aebbf81955cf1a12bded2ff1e468469a9bd9 5,066,448,234.811538666054809834 0.050664482348115%
9 0x74b78350271c8e21edf61b3e9681f2b126b78f82 4,862,283,826.726666666666666666 0.048622838267267%
10 0x46279507eb716bbece16d45d762fe503fc6b0ee1 2,363,479,559.619652816963907008 0.023634795596197%
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LiL Doge LDOGE daily transactions dynamic

LiL Doge on BSCscan Check LiL Doge transactions on BSCscan

Wallets that support LDOGE BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Just choose and install any of following supported wallets. ะกopy LiL Doge (LDOGE) contact address and add in your wallet.

Binance Chain Wallet Binance Chain Wallet Metamask Metamask Zelcore Zelcore Trust Wallet Trust Wallet Mathwallet Math wallet

How to buy LDOGE coin on mobile?

How to buy LDOGE coin on mobile

How to buy LDOGE coin on PC?

How to buy LDOGE coin on pc

Coins with similar name

Name Ticker Contract Network Age
LDOGE 0x68d0954eed135ffb439bf0b39859096d53f3d3e0 BSC 1 month
LDOGE 0x1cf2d5c7d9737cb1db8cd8ba801fa81dcc100ad0 BSC 1 month
LDOGE 0x8b7c89da611b1823845cac73b13522e0ef4c025a BSC 1 month
LDoge 0xdee7446cab7cfc9e9df53f79840dbf83bc6610ed ETH 3 months
LDOGE 0xd1a316699c6ce6d0a952a4f5080b7c0f13f0fdc1 ETH 3 months
LDOGE 0xdaf387faed3caafef8e0530e53553b2773fd650d BSC 3 months
LDOGE 0xa5eaeffc628b9f3471adff34d22ee01c0948475e BSC 3 months
LDoge 0x9a4a1be5cd6429cb5f4eff83d12639ef2e78640a BSC 4 months
LDOGE 0x2b4bc5e001f5509291f0a1538eb20ce41a6cfb5d BSC 4 months
LDOGE 0x4a240b4c61227dd1ddf633a86f22d7af679aca9d BSC 4 months
LDOGE 0xff7bd125a54eb24d96f63d145c646546c5764fbf BSC 4 months
LDoge 0x19a4701ef338ffa6234341ab68ff6a64b21962d5 BSC 4 months
LDOGE 0x51c9d453bb377c57e9670bd053d671e79e242ba8 BSC 5 months
LDOGE 0x6fd2f1169127597e3f02e690a76dcd499533839a BSC 5 months
LDOGE 0x7152daf33F59C22cF7dC2778d48b09a0b2d66590 BSC 7 months
LDOGE 0x64ebE0b6786434d4eA8F62A726F5F8F50de0F3a3 BSC 7 months
LDoge 0xe2ab21e20a2397b5de02c5cc1a7b7c3061e87b0a BSC 7 months
LDoge 0x5b44caad3ee03c1ae191de500b773d2c195953f0 BSC 7 months
LDOGE 0x55a4891039b9979acc07cd859f7b362f606e7ef4 BSC 7 months
LDOGE 0x123f484709aeDCE9Cc253302b30339981182d380 BSC 7 months
LDOGE 0x9902fb43cabc95e517da4b0e0bd870a51160c5d6 BSC 8 months
LDOGE 0xD65935f08F33E8B3F2036836044706Ee8b95e1b0 BSC 8 months
LDoge 0xd58050B3F2f796946A858d95BB73a4BF70bD8ae4 BSC 8 months
LDOGE 0x4711bb7d7ba72ec78a4cd8fe6b6969e07a1b52ce BSC 8 months
LDoge 0x5e7afa0e9afff689b3c06dd756c6138eae066440 BSC 8 months
LDoge 0xb0b8ab7b28a4340d091d54ce2b8b0b39f40715ac BSC 8 months
LDoge 0x4c6fa1a3f7d4886a21ba9bbbbfc2fad69452c7b9 BSC 8 months
LDoge 0x8Fc82D0e02BB2a28db2C0B66896ffD5aA674249F BSC 9 months
LDoge 0xe4417625ce7de2bc5a113a8b0237d5bdff14a207 BSC 9 months
LDoge 0x06E29cc271072eA491C1323d65E4Cf7706220C7f BSC 9 months
LDoge 0x2B63a2fa892458A55A0164C9294Ad1e508d1011D BSC 9 months
LDoge 0x45DaA68d779cB5135747B668CdEF2302e302D554 BSC 9 months
LDoge 0x417222E218c9808227Ed70D4D1C0B749580Dd0fF BSC 9 months
LDoge 0x46fC1C01Ab42eB06096aa190d4d5c1F605a1319f BSC 9 months
LDOGE 0xa4653330E3defbD0cDAD1936af3a851689d0CbAd BSC 9 months
LDOGE 0x53E1E44EC64F0d87c55732a20196638065e9A27A BSC 9 months
LDoge 0xaec4e93cd2e0d71becc67bbee31c23cb25e84df0 BSC 9 months
LDOGE 0x29535517d6e4f601746847a25784386f491e213e BSC 9 months
Ldoge 0xe648BbAdA4e006c15ce5478905a0Cab08453F084 BSC 9 months
Ldoge 0xFA7E62C780B939ffb0Af612c925cd41541026924 BSC 9 months
LDoge 0x348f045c2cb60dc876f56b28604c220a496cd477 BSC 9 months
LDoge 0xe289576653d9ef17576b798f7c4ed257ef09ab4f BSC 9 months
LDOGE 0x5351f5be03A3B444A65F264A671030f551d7bc97 BSC 9 months
LDOGE 0xd1Cc02b43aa42CA5faB9aD5c3e31e2FaA3c8e81b BSC 9 months
LDOGE 0x28837CDEbA33534580C88b4DE7891AEfd14551e0 BSC 9 months
LDoge 0xb403914f39b5a010beca473fb63ae4640b315731 BSC 9 months
LDoge 0xe31e0c03cc33c3e23d0a45bb74b8b4f5f7dd2d15 BSC 9 months
LDOGE 0x2993977D7c446baA5bffced657C2e4634D36805e BSC 10 months
LDOGE 0x845e23098a2c08390a0c2aa81b312eb685b4f1d4 ETH 10 months
LDOGE 0x65a75d0a47f7637be9e760f59c4fd9cfd732e112 BSC 10 months
LDoge 0xd380C1F4f059F743aC462ff681d1637d7A5A1630 BSC 10 months
LDOGE 0x7685D4629d383181A41Dc3f18d86dF7Cbca835Ea BSC 10 months
LDOGE 0xf1a949cb4b08a96ddbaec9ffa4125b681a51be18 BSC 10 months
LDOGE 0x51c24ddb84851693b84de433300dc78272c27b71 BSC 10 months
LDOGE 0xc32C50FA1854D0C8dF9032e5887a57aa84783e8A BSC 10 months
LDOGE 0xf1bde3bc4d502e367242ac9935bb6038ba12d3a9 BSC 10 months
LDoge 0x91aa873b07c886078f3499bdec5117404584a2c5 BSC 1 year
LDoge 0x6e23677df4b71ae30153721dc8a90a25894ec4e6 BSC 1 year
LDoge 0x712d11582ae2762d057ca5069272a2443d56bfef BSC 1 year
LDOGE 0xf1a949cb4b08a96ddbaec9ffa4125b681a51be18 ETH 1 year
LDOGE 0x47fdccfc71197b4187be2802a9de94803d1835f8 ETH 1 year
LDOGE 0x409f81e9f30be8459ab7a40eac5ff701f6b0f645 BSC 1 year

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