GEM - Gembit Token Gembit Token (GEM) coin on ETH

Gembit Token GEM is a crypto coin (token) that running on Ethereum ERC-20 RecentCoin Increase Gembit Token reach!

GEM Price
$0 ( 0%)
Fully diluted market cap
Total supply: 300,000,000 GEM
24h Trade Volume: $0
Liquidity: $0
Holders: 1 addresses
24h Transactions: -
GEM market: Uniswap Uniswap DEX.Guru DEX.Guru Para Swap Para Swap Mdex Mdex Any Swap Any Swap Any Swap Sushi Swap Arken.Finance Arken.Finance
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ERC-20 Token Ethereum

Gembit Token (GEM) profile

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Check contract: 0x71421b13c7a3276283de849d8428c1365857440D
Listed: 2022-01-11 03:11:54
Decimals: 18
Official site: -
Social profiles: -
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Gembit Token GEM holders addresses dynamic

GEM holders snapshot

Rank Address Quantity Percentage
1 0x32ea7d74e421c67b6b0083017a7a576b3fec4320 300,000,000 100%
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Wallets that support GEM ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum

Just choose and install any of following supported wallets. ะกopy Gembit Token (GEM) contact address and add in your wallet.

MyEtherWallet MyEtherWallet Trust Wallet Trust Wallet Metamask Metamask Zelcore Zelcore Trust Wallet Trust Wallet Mathwallet Math wallet

How to buy GEM coin on mobile?

How to buy GEM coin on mobile

How to buy GEM coin on PC?

How to buy GEM coin on pc

Coins with similar name

Name Ticker Contract Network Age
GEM 0x63fedec97655ec83bd7323315bbf5311faabc632 ETH 6 days
GEM 0xb1605059e66c47e40a1b166e98f88502cad177c8 ETH 6 days
GEM - Gem
GEM 0x2a86d1f1f46b4bbcf3007ae39e9417589490abbf BSC 1 week
GEM 0x66f2d1b15cde3e371bfdcc5f1d327638f041e451 BSC 3 weeks
GEM 0xc0381d6ea26fe6f0fe99881804e942690d61d06e BSC 3 weeks
GEM 0xf91c49506bc1925667cd16ba5128f3ca7192af80 Polygon 3 weeks
GEM 0x07e863141dfb25be0169a9f9a01ca154a6fb67d3 BSC 3 weeks
GEM 0x07e863141dfb25be0169a9f9a01ca154a6fb67d3 BSC 3 weeks
GEM 0x5a57d7c2a83db9027209877555d9ec6933c2477c Polygon 3 weeks
GEM 0x8a3895179fda6f5a577f1be3e5f0fd1f874474a5 Polygon 3 weeks
GEM 0xbdd09b9f59c8636a41f5b0d626fec4cd38726ebb ETH 1 month
GEM 0x5fFeCed16A3EA366d8F0443aF6d85e2eA9277ED7 BSC 1 month
GEM 0x4b86ee11fcb12698aa6611e83b08e0eb82555a97 ETH 1 month
GEM - Gem
GEM 0x17ecab5925e4eb2ed788161f0688f1230c961cb4 ETH 1 month
GEM 0x07c3fe53dd3fc2e1061097aa8aba985e5e9ebe47 ETH 1 month
GEM 0x8e30f4dd54295a2d4fe7e257751118d6d0236500 BSC 1 month
GEM 0x68efc4716507709691d5e7ad9906a44fabcdb1ca Fantom 1 month
GEM 0xb172be7564eec001bb07d30b6dac57e85fb05a6b BSC 1 month
GEM 0x78d3f14ff1dabdbf1d2f8e76e2e1f8e1331312cd BSC 1 month
GEM 0x1a124412a33118bed09c5820d80de6ef68181e2a BSC 1 month
GEM 0x9008064e6cf73e27a3aba4b10e69f855a4f8efcc ETH 2 months
GEM 0xD78F2B03F41A6b3B7337A772efA72aB1D266c481 BSC 2 months
GEM 0x296eb12b3c32e2f24c5559eecdda28cf018ff648 BSC 3 months
GEM 0xd0c808e1a895efb3812b59aff473cfe47b25785e BSC 3 months
GEM 0x3df0c68a6c55d7658ebab1e71c955658e8c45194 BSC 3 months
GEM 0x7b4929715afd17775ce1132d4402d721916cddfb BSC 3 months
GEM 0x7d3831ad7ba248a35a607508ff550c39d8387ae3 ETH 4 months
GEM 0x223f2872703b8cb91db1a1087c95da159d84f102 BSC 4 months
GEM 0xe98a3e8e7cb287aefba38b4182129fc1d601ca1a BSC 4 months
GEM 0x3783ba99a39a178dc6dd46048ba1d70461217c74 BSC 4 months
GeM 0x2f911f789d9d599b34d403a2cfc0c5b3f7e8ce7a Polygon 4 months
GeM 0xebc27d9bd8ac268934784dcdf1eaa10dfaf97a9f ETH 4 months
GEM 0x8a79f2b8e7beb493a50c1909933eb153bfb545e2 BSC 5 months
GEM - Gem
GEM 0xcc674bae159101f8a1159f9ea9d6bdd91e56593a BSC 5 months
GEM 0xc8486e373c7d93f982b249523fce6e844129b8c2 BSC 5 months
GEM 0x26c7bc5c00cfcb3da375d74fb78ff2a91ce9a08b BSC 5 months
GEM 0x701f1ed50aa5e784b8fb89d1ba05cccd627839a7 BSC 5 months
GEM 0x40bf92c31b183bf4cad8d75eec20eabd2cf8e7a7 BSC 5 months
GEM 0x5f7642e7fe270344b2e6b26a2709b29edde20fa0 BSC 5 months
GEM 0xaf44a3f460ba2a249149dae8c2fc282a37fc44eb BSC 5 months
GEM 0x16cf94b395eb5129b696685ae5f27a06ad712bbd BSC 5 months
GEM 0x8f5d1d4cf01ae1a30c8f88bc08f4bb80221741c0 BSC 5 months
GEM 0xf88153f937117ca1f3d5dc465c95c78c3fd1c344 BSC 5 months
GEM 0xb73f2d3e5e820c22619d666248c5e81c8cd854d0 Polygon 6 months
GEM 0xa0b9CdcfB1a02A35A6f3BF9FA329876E0C43FB5b BSC 6 months
GEM 0xe348DB9179542885E82Dd296e1a1C25ab3AEA909 BSC 7 months
GEM 0xFE5e5c4223030222c3c57490949627A2bC2F7fe1 AVAX 7 months
GEM 0xbf8f8c50fedc8ce9b9297477c1989af5e540bdf8 ETH 7 months
GEM 0x0cb3e08241493480d0ea899932b674a6b5e1a0dd AVAX 7 months
GEM 0x05826aEa5e2CB9FcD32Cd8487Aa53464a23C5ff4 ETH 7 months
GEM 0xe9BA654c503405cD8AD3241Ed167567d164468B8 Polygon 7 months
GEM 0x962e7cc60ab37ac89f10557d30d6a73b9389f011 Polygon 8 months
GEM 0x42e270Af1FeA762fCFCB65CDB9e3eFFEb2301533 Fantom 8 months
Gem 0xfda132bbf663fab32c7b64e61b54b75fa868b076 BSC 8 months
GEM 0x8cddb93d0a83064a8fd6c18f4b80397c30e55777 ETH 8 months
GEM 0x7dBD4298b77e7Fe498c5c441ac484F92A254f04F BSC 8 months
GEM 0xb00a2287206d891435d536c7ac191df17d3efb1a BSC 9 months
GEM 0x67e93E89e7a4075C272EB0cD19103E8B4E4dEc8A Fantom 9 months
GEM 0x2A35eD564e20d7D9bFD70eDbe10dbc45CF30b18D BSC 9 months
GEM 0x5C8fC5f7678b93617720AaFfA40D50Eda6D4140E BSC 9 months
GEM 0x5f3513262bb2a8E994DEdA11a3980C8e6209bbF2 Polygon 10 months
GEM 0x3385Bd6fBaB4A08916AC438DE151793FFb926D6e BSC 10 months
GEM - Gem
GEM 0xFc78DD0A199ECCdB270613aAD38293AF399D518E ETH 10 months
GEM 0xa74aca5edfaea0e3be127b7ef3a81dba56f4d4d3 BSC 10 months
GEM 0xf14162b8edeb66cf11f83ca960476908c0071177 BSC 10 months
GEM 0x2ab636a002b4c1fc091d7a1540f41fa75b3072be BSC 10 months
GEM 0x72132f70fc3803d0f697b9f1dc5c3ab113755c52 BSC 10 months
GEM 0xBaC1df744df160877cDc45E13d0394c06bC388Ff BSC 10 months
GEM 0xecc7f2b18922e7d4a3e2efa34c297c76e72836c2 ETH 10 months
GEM 0x7609829CA7d85762E489A012385960aE70A8650d BSC 10 months
GEM 0x1f65563ed9978ceea448ed14ed55c9d6477b5a63 BSC 10 months
GEM 0xeB17F7A61E44f5dc3B9334B750fCdA9faC1F8924 BSC 10 months
GEM 0x9fb4def63f8caec83cb3ebcc22ba0795258c988a BSC 10 months
GEM 0xa82402f124b2eb461a1fcbfaaa27872fc979e79e BSC 10 months
GEM 0x1b219234e2b0d4085861124c3f2c916929890eda BSC 10 months
GEM 0x358ef508d7629cfb546ddde276a94e8c436afba9 BSC 10 months
GEM 0x2b32444f32794a230eda5d7bec341b1a53f24448 BSC 10 months
GEM 0xeb246520bc78bd69d9f93b090e54acd1889d52f6 BSC 10 months
GEM 0xcfff27fdfdbc19b75c7aa79290f069a4bfc8dca5 BSC 10 months
GEM 0xcB5860bA5aaF528c2ee762261359b728512f65F9 BSC 10 months
GEM 0x7e9e56fc358f4d96c10ec1d9a84a9a8034336b52 BSC 10 months
GEM 0x0e90bf6218e75cc51697210259c2cf0e8b18ea6c BSC 10 months
GEM 0xc526399973608e6080aff02062a3840da6148738 BSC 10 months
GEM 0xCFa7417a7105fD624438b25783705CCD88726d9F BSC 11 months
GEM 0x542a7b4836ba1e4439611f0Ab9c785733912DBf2 BSC 11 months
GEM 0xd7e972d3a11de196b209ce2a2b65262dffd512e4 ETH 11 months
GEM 0x558d912e1df251e61f6bfe769a8d4baf9891de1b ETH 11 months
GEM 0xd05F9c436fef614A9825519a8F4DC2A7767A024b BSC 11 months
GEM 0xcb5f7cabf790a35e4e5dc6f33feb3a1eb1ba4cf3 BSC 1 year
Gem 0xb6997eb40c3b8b406bed1a1ea037f338930299a3 BSC 1 year
GEM 0x1CB44cB23A9909488c36e69007275c36991AD3f0 BSC 1 year
GEM 0xf3b59777dfdd77e7da074b2ff69367b600fb3875 BSC 1 year
GEM 0xe3d478fe8e8f55f7e9b2b55cf25868edc9f924d8 BSC 1 year
GEM 0x8df3872d7071076012173c2442272dba7f9acb23 ETH 2 years
GEM 0x90f62b96a62801488b151ff3c65eac5fae21a962 ETH 2 years
GEM 0x9cf8ad6510eef3569db4529b97dd5ad0d84b768a ETH 2 years
GEM 0xc7bba5b765581efb2cdd2679db5bea9ee79b201f ETH 4 years
GEM 0xcbc05fb65736ad12bd1a8b441bfeece416c0bcb8 ETH 5 years

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