eDOGE - eDoge eDoge (eDOGE) coin on BSC

eDoge eDOGE is a crypto coin (token) that running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20 RecentCoin Increase eDoge reach!

eDOGE Price
$2.223575343 ( 0%)
Fully diluted market cap
$ โˆž
Total supply: 100,000,000,000,000 eDOGE
24h Trade Volume: $0
Liquidity: $5
Holders: 4 addresses
24h Transactions: -
eDOGE market: Pancake Swap Pancake Swap Mdex Mdex BSC Swap BSC Swap Any Swap Any Swap BSC Station BSC Station DEX.Guru DEX.Guru Para Swap Para Swap Poocoin Poocoin Arken.Finance Arken.Finance
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BEP-20 Token Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

eDoge (eDOGE) profile

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Check contract: 0xa11f3986fbf59d53a83b5f27fee8654112f2f0b1
Listed: 2022-01-11 22:29:11
Decimals: 9
Official site: -
Social profiles: -
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eDoge eDOGE holders addresses dynamic

eDOGE holders snapshot

Rank Address Quantity Percentage
1 PancakeSwap V2: eDOGE 157 20,282,409,699,685,600,000,000.931741426 20282409699.686%
2 0x83135aff3f3219965b367dadcfd1b4633d9ffd22 1,692,840,000,000 1.69284%
3 0xcd88d7573818abe26b02f4bf19c4db44aff3c591 1,311,230,632,586.598243364 1.3112306325866%
4 0x5e3773713f0a20806168d633652b905ee7253f83 962,010,544,744.721301225 0.96201054474472%
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Wallets that support eDOGE BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Just choose and install any of following supported wallets. ะกopy eDoge (eDOGE) contact address and add in your wallet.

Binance Chain Wallet Binance Chain Wallet Metamask Metamask Zelcore Zelcore Trust Wallet Trust Wallet Mathwallet Math wallet

How to buy eDOGE coin on mobile?

How to buy eDOGE coin on mobile

How to buy eDOGE coin on PC?

How to buy eDOGE coin on pc

Coins with similar name

Name Ticker Contract Network Age
EDOGE 0xf8a2645dc25b54ccf5851682b3b3eb61a902fdb7 BSC 2 days
EDoge 0xbe68eb7dd4e762ec621866921461706588527cc9 BSC 5 days
EDOGE 0xf0a1dda20b07e0762688e264487d515c26a49c6d ETH 1 week
EDOGE 0xdd4ac980cbfce33f86e72acaad8704020cc2cb75 BSC 2 weeks
EDOGE 0x7b9f538ef553ec75c4c71844051ec1a4cfa6661a BSC 2 weeks
eDoge 0xe90f9487f9e2ec60cd839698da699c5f7b14905c BSC 3 weeks
eDoge 0xd48d5f88d1464b5d48ebb1ef04c8f4c11f339063 BSC 1 month
Edoge 0x6ec3c1216205285aed6b3f4c3cec82b3265dc41f ETH 1 month
Edoge 0x24ee2d6aefd5f4f0260aa2e96b8bfe44914ab871 BSC 1 month
Edoge 0x4c9b1d3a572fd5a118034d881f921acb4a88db85 BSC 1 month
EDOGE 0xd6162eb2814d2b005b2eaab895cd81f647085a19 BSC 1 month
EDoge 0x06da7b9eb4bba369c0f38bbfce0c83c4d026eaae ETH 1 month
EDOGE 0x148b3a363583c5e98570b78a770db97abfbfce89 ETH 1 month
EDOGE 0xddf8638e6dc24d8bf54f943909ecc7ed54ef9bad BSC 1 month
EDOGE 0x02300e23b2a50f35704d2e4877c3d2e88eee2001 ETH 1 month
EDOGE 0x5d0cba2d101db21828910e99997ad29f07dd3511 BSC 1 month
EDOGE 0x657138e79846bd48b4e4cf674d25da2a5e3345dc BSC 2 months
EDOGE 0x7b4d67183ae1e7c77ed7cecb9f214866a47d48bb BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0x05613a08f53a7fcd3e2092f7c7ee9b8b08c175c4 BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0xeff19ed8cef862de216c602d75bc47cfffa6f132 BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0x17a82608abfcfc41adae509a1acc02ec0d587bd8 BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0x6843a57c6f0fd6954d3e4f8e2e5df1f642ce01dd BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0x94b49cd51c7a1afa73d9071580e2a812d817d39e BSC 3 months
EDoge 0x1634425020dd4eed3f4dc81e06d6583e0ce9cd0b BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0xb3789496f72e4818323d8387a7d6614b1bca7592 BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0x4d500855c052b6580e71fcead741e23aa2383072 BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0xd35d1249b724a0f7c9f9bf81a0dc3a33d7ed1a34 BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0x9eba837745fb0e66c47b6c8e50b0e5ca2481055c BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0x2ad46506f310e635775969b31a87b346382c3fbe BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0x595859ef00bf9e52c618acafdc0d00152d64d014 BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0x0a0aaac93a990b216d5b0098c67c99ebacfaa30a BSC 3 months
EDoge 0xb3ee2aca7063a56b45e25f3bce6ad1414690d0f0 BSC 3 months
EDOGE 0x56949dbab5d6618956494741dbf995693720a61b BSC 4 months
EDOGE 0xeead7dbdc55fe0103672c45270706296d66d193e ETH 4 months
EDOGE 0x064df800838cc9a2cfad2fb851ac3a4c76f657a0 ETH 4 months
EDOGE 0x8c3f73a436158c325ef787114ab2264cea665114 BSC 4 months
EDOGE 0x44ce855bcf25ce33440afda4665fa11c9c0f51ea BSC 5 months
eDoge 0xa9e3dcdb87c6f7ac89efc385253f10372cd26dff BSC 5 months
eDOGE 0xc317396297d49d00ee01e18cfd4cce21a87c2570 BSC 5 months
eDOGE 0x252552b74054446a7108ffca959f9bdbce22dd83 BSC 5 months
eDOGE 0xd7db18bf946c905b1b469dd8bb2ba5ca3be7d939 BSC 5 months
eDOGE 0x4f0089760279a008c56dd8b696f4eb0e80d0a576 BSC 5 months
eDOGE 0xb8281c4cc5219f4fe725c78a3e72f08b9ce90fb8 BSC 5 months
EDOGE 0x39526bC6AE25938A5889BA08C5ffE02e9164A4cd BSC 6 months
EDOGE 0x6967186188113e6e6C180c836dF0a4048A029401 BSC 6 months
EDOGE 0xda3554b272f80cf9b98b13ac3efa2326ecf9fe87 BSC 7 months
EDOGE 0x1c9f82e2ffa1a99fb03a7f40defb3d040683d4f8 ETH 7 months
EDoge 0xf07221ac88d49d7fab28c04d038789864924bb71 BSC 7 months
EDOGE 0x19043df532bea3ec1d86def628e0d722a1790a2d BSC 7 months
EDOGE 0xbb1d39ab36016a42b8375b4f5a251d1e1712ec75 BSC 7 months
EDOGE 0x97b77ae98bd32e6684fee714a3ef6e36b66c14d7 AVAX 7 months
EDoge 0x06fb56715173826f36f29ad9434a868aaaeba7cc BSC 7 months
EDOGE 0xb52d24b54b565e088E45C14B2861153f7B2b7e77 BSC 7 months
EDOGE 0x6D735f2B9bA30e000590F3C6b87f065e41Fd9A86 BSC 8 months
EDOGE 0xf56786b475394e9e0fc1b85af67b40faa22f1e91 BSC 8 months
EDoge 0xb7C9792E4188f8bdf58ACE909EB8B80C2d5c490E BSC 8 months
EDoge 0x09e6a681a0cf5364353751ac2bfe1078319c153c BSC 8 months
EDOGE 0x03a6e5545e682c609aa4e997d2f36c7e584dcd84 BSC 8 months
EDoge 0xf6875ad490233c0c91c4163aca45f7636338634a BSC 8 months
EDOGE 0x2b2c4d7a675f344ccd767ca78729698892b7ee3c BSC 8 months
EDoge 0xe016a26e55B233D41e911CeCc8c992dAA7B07D00 BSC 8 months
EDoge 0x691aa1dca7329e656bcbc2f5573cbe158340346b BSC 8 months
EDoge 0x76fe12f0ac569916e5fed379842ca99ff874fbcb BSC 8 months
EDOGE 0xbbf59120298905b7adfe039650b51eef5f1aee67 BSC 9 months
EDOGE 0x5fb2ab386a1e93f1ae654cec1259d6028f1b4a7a BSC 9 months
EDOGE 0xadd01653052b4eb9507d1b67b1194ed9b2ddf350 BSC 9 months
EDOGE 0x4011846FabC19dc235066241AeE28d7E2535d686 BSC 9 months
EDOGE 0xc27e7d71310b847154a4d5644e9564b4402ce668 BSC 9 months
EDoge 0x243Aa44271cFa213614C31FAF52A4F5913a375B3 BSC 9 months
EDOGE 0xa8093CBa9F24DBd5565389AACBBb55539daD3298 BSC 10 months
EDOGE 0xc060443d763e7ce487595db13700b2aa99b8fc19 ETH 10 months
EDOGE 0x4ec3ab67689ffc6454aa0ecc02e0cfce735f226f BSC 10 months
EDOGE 0x17d78a1c727a2b32db7356810dabe38c75cb282d BSC 11 months
EDOGE 0x163f182c32d24a09d91eb75820cde9fd5832b329 BSC 1 year
EDOGE 0x8a7b7b9b2f7d0c63f66171721339705a6188a7d5 ETH 5 years

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