BDc - Brave DOGEcoin Brave DOGEcoin (BDc) coin on BSC

Brave DOGEcoin BDc is a crypto coin (token) that running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20 RecentCoin Increase Brave DOGEcoin reach!

BDc Price
$5 ( 0%)
Fully diluted market cap
$ โˆž
Total supply: 10,000,000,000,000,000 BDc
24h Trade Volume: $0
Liquidity: $1
Holders: 11 addresses
24h Transactions: -
BDc market: Pancake Swap Pancake Swap Mdex Mdex BSC Swap BSC Swap Any Swap Any Swap BSC Station BSC Station DEX.Guru DEX.Guru Para Swap Para Swap Poocoin Poocoin Arken.Finance Arken.Finance
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BEP-20 Token Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Brave DOGEcoin (BDc) profile

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Check contract: 0x4fd612a0161040bcfdb591755cdf010e12eeae69
Listed: 2022-01-13 01:37:46
Decimals: 0
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Brave DOGEcoin BDc holders addresses dynamic

BDc holders snapshot

Rank Address Quantity Percentage
1 0xf301a2c36759a832ae789d82041177fbda457c63 88,422,433,349,622,000,000 884224.33349622%
2 Null Address: 0x000...dEaD 9,830,794,105,539,690,000 98307.941055397%
3 PancakeSwap V2: BDc 86 1,756,212,759,321,680,000 17562.127593217%
4 0xc0ddcf073beece68a131096975d8a12ea7dc26c0 213,219,417,587,843 2.1321941758784%
5 0x678b96743e0dcc320fec3b8cbb03da47a4dead1f 135,544,737,413,841 1.3554473741384%
6 0xb0aed996fe39db59c65ac831a06387b6b4f99d64 80,591,110,778,206 0.80591110778206%
7 0x128055e5a42672aad062c21f6f43f48e521c64ad 56,119,151,103,206 0.56119151103206%
8 0xa613385363d73d7cba546470a1e1218686bbbb69 51,536,822,799,070 0.5153682279907%
9 0x5e3773713f0a20806168d633652b905ee7253f83 13,553,696,965,065 0.13553696965065%
10 0x5f9ab427dc8543aecb309567ac78fcf149ff78d3 8,524,696,879,573 0.08524696879573%
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Brave DOGEcoin BDc daily transactions dynamic

Brave DOGEcoin on BSCscan Check Brave DOGEcoin transactions on BSCscan

Wallets that support BDc BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Just choose and install any of following supported wallets. ะกopy Brave DOGEcoin (BDc) contact address and add in your wallet.

Binance Chain Wallet Binance Chain Wallet Metamask Metamask Zelcore Zelcore Trust Wallet Trust Wallet Mathwallet Math wallet

How to buy BDc coin on mobile?

How to buy BDc coin on mobile

How to buy BDc coin on PC?

How to buy BDc coin on pc

Coins with similar name

Name Ticker Contract Network Age
BDC 0x7797b5a84cfb33e05f9ae7bad2b71168ea5e295e BSC 1 hour
BDC 0x1F0f122b4d64F086e326a409f0745c29e3Fb8dC8 BSC 1 week
BDC 0x03a7b35fc2b7a06132e2eea59bbee4fc2779cca3 BSC 2 weeks
BDC 0x6cb528282c02bd2e539c3549cd6a88c0a427223c ETH 1 month
BDC 0x62f048eb621a26addd02a9a256dd3611396271c3 ETH 1 month
BDC 0x5a40ef59fe214eb676f47ad77e2ae89317efad31 BSC 1 month
BDC 0x976A8ECE1576FD123123c6657864Ea2175d69976 BSC 1 month
BDC 0x9f7f8cf4748788a19e6931e8b0f27ae9b3b98cd2 Polygon 1 month
BDC 0xdd3bcb44f7d74d43ac925e02e2121fd27edcf9f3 BSC 1 month
BDC 0xff965aed6cb1f32e77c73bf48436f31d478ab9ad BSC 1 month
BDC 0x08e08293d2f3e0cb35ee1645329ac9d31b2eee3a BSC 1 month
BDC 0x26A666C0ABe11E1EeEfEe170C36d8F067e65a4E3 BSC 1 month
BDC 0xc83e0b5110f94c45739fb4995566f57c2542eaf8 ETH 1 month
BDC 0x5cbaf5ca6a49ac56709bd3ecbad63af4f9cf0d67 BSC 2 months
BDC 0xbef26edda05ffb736d2fc477ec633de0692ff867 BSC 2 months
BDC 0x4d29dcae3146eafb4ac3b0d68965c0d263311130 BSC 2 months
bdc 0x267682ef0775ec301880cdf59e841dbbe0a76b50 AVAX 2 months
BDC 0x592760f7d6825138d1583f5c29020aa41818a7df ETH 3 months
BDC 0xa89b115697d140cfcf693933498048662a09b6e5 BSC 3 months
BDC 0xef1d171d5df52b5b6dd38bde76a6d84aaa67840c ETH 3 months
BDC 0x26090cfa0fc3138fd12e91093a1eedc3c04bac71 BSC 3 months
BDC 0x1df37796991d8b994989695528a7547761c64da9 BSC 3 months
BDC 0xd0f5e1b8cc02fb069a53e17dfcceb701e96d147b ETH 3 months
BDC 0x0001bdc007ec10a3e7cc6bed0b96fab21d22dfec BSC 3 months
BDC 0x913d3da68394eeafc22f5bd43407f2d1d7cfa172 Polygon 3 months
BDC 0x7d6a72a3039a6da421e9a2340ae94e8efae70aa2 BSC 3 months
BDC 0xc25a12d15a5d0c56a9a4ce9c3233c986e20c4df0 BSC 4 months
BDC 0x94925ff852cb3ad24f9aab45bb86453136b80238 BSC 4 months
BDC 0x3405be09d4235a52eda285c4d36fb1427901999e BSC 4 months
BDC 0x9738a0f1b09f1eb7e8c1c72692a3798319f93565 BSC 5 months
BDC 0x4426000e6fc663c0a457cbbaeb8bc12d42e0376e BSC 5 months
BDC 0x8fdf2519b6e140e809d77e03c7d3389ad10a95d6 BSC 5 months
bdc 0x6c53c62ad5afaa9bed80d2d558ec6dc729bbfbf3 BSC 5 months
BDC 0x22b42c3d92d818bf4db44b95bc0a19f79ef7fc16 BSC 5 months
BDC 0x0c44dd9b0c621cb8492ac5971418d6d5c9ef037c BSC 5 months
BDC 0xfa42a85a03576ae02db33be027aa5e68d3ecbf67 BSC 5 months
BDC 0x91e3E51C0F18152a39b6c3c13c8a5F252EB0D05a BSC 6 months
BDC 0xCb2949Bd101F9C98A5d5588a5172bB219B913975 BSC 6 months
BDC 0x7a570C280CE44B3d81c176397D0Eb7Db082c3230 BSC 7 months
BDC 0xE518A099b6f29e7324f665885D83fC737120774d BSC 7 months
BDC 0xaE8C81065eB2890CdED810f49ADD6D07B9c3ae2d BSC 7 months
BDC 0xac7b5C5966E70084aE7A677d5B91bE663dCfc87c BSC 7 months
BDC 0xbc0D666548B788697fBA4834dF737f03bB4058DB BSC 7 months
BDC 0x12439FEf4e8fa1B54bAf19E5e16e33DDBEF1b9d3 BSC 7 months
BDC 0x49427d97ceae867934c409f67dcfe326cedfdcd2 Polygon 7 months
BDC 0x2a8df996684fccefc9b3bf16c793eedc74118da5 BSC 7 months
BDC 0x99d18c2a2b7777BEC1717794F75018ff53457288 BSC 8 months
BDC 0x1ad4e79135dd788adb76341985c472ad3f01ae95 BSC 8 months
BDC 0xe4b8f71a9a8330029fcf116ac9f8e1461e313312 BSC 8 months
BDC 0xe33D5F583Ed179a057a4459e86daFcCDf682B522 BSC 8 months
BDC 0xf9f1b30ae3bd076dafd484b4090b2cf51fe13770 BSC 8 months
BDC 0xd17b3306465c3fefd9bffeea153a955e6ca9908c BSC 8 months
BDC 0x18b3426f271076db5b98e02b60dc45e4f247f0ec BSC 8 months
BDC 0x554c01031f7aBB6a30DA2D05c67d54333937D7D7 BSC 8 months
BDC 0x2261e7F2B242dD72b15052E40222c55E91055af1 BSC 8 months
BDC 0x76Fb6DbC540C746dF6eB8676De2ddc290cD68c38 BSC 8 months
BDC 0xA17D90D853E595fb3E5F1A3062BAe690A89d1955 BSC 8 months
BDC 0xd95d8c42f9d6a8a412f51b9ade45077c747cc37d BSC 9 months
BDC 0x938ffa537d9940164404aaef34e1f2d0067d43e8 BSC 9 months
BDC 0xa9fc9d52da03ff4262895eb96a45efbfb840eb49 BSC 9 months
BDC 0x31873fA1CE6270232100fD927e016d9D760Be32F BSC 9 months
BDC 0xb57ba36877f21aa803a42c1f66e07f25eaa59d00 BSC 9 months
BDC 0xd923254ac3eee45dec31119f4ea01041648a2a5a BSC 9 months
BDC 0x24B256E8C79aBc3fbD1B1D19E02AF54587De94B2 BSC 9 months
BDC 0x779a7447D57c8972262422E59bD40b1255dB4881 BSC 9 months
BDC 0x8d377D778c7092cc6E33313AF1f2fc748a5CBE99 BSC 9 months
BDC 0x69ecD7C7f0993e5D6f84a31Ad125F657BD3e4337 BSC 9 months
BDC 0x22e8fBB30aD284Cd6B02FF1F8e1410e498ECD445 BSC 9 months
BDC 0xc1f538b3ef3d6d47734d20e2c128d1a2189d5532 BSC 10 months
BDC 0x9a8a80BF064f3C801EE82D0C19C9B648c9cc5495 BSC 10 months
BDC 0x39D7aB3AAbf0587B6aA57dbc2eBc5e3848d6195C BSC 10 months
BDC 0x4acb29a54eff8a70414c858e4ca1c9814ef13e5d BSC 10 months
BDC 0x4e9b1e21d87d6ef48ac775d2acbf1637f5baabef BSC 10 months
BDC 0xc1cae15106ffe16259f2cb8d65cc3a3e4f3f059f BSC 10 months
BDC 0xb9c762cdf5e510cdc276695d55e8b85217d1fcc4 Polygon 10 months
BDC 0x98cfd64b9dd6f2f0f3ae8441bba471a6827c91bc BSC 10 months
BDC 94sjUKfvsd512K9YHKbhQkmpbVrHvvqu7w72Aedmn3mK Solana 10 months
BDC 0xAA45562DAa2842afb236Fe5236cF0C5F9B4536F9 BSC 10 months
BDC 0xd3996eaa0b87f170d6355cdc254d26ac39fda200 BSC 10 months
BDC 0x3ecadd9350358ff5acc1e571118ad1c8e2d07752 BSC 10 months
BDC 0x4a72ca0631981cde941a55e6444247843b41cae7 BSC 10 months
BDC 0x42ecd9c3d68787b8c78fc7ed51602744c58b0f35 BSC 10 months
BDC 0x131BDa6d281c8560f06439C9e5865f170b26F4E0 BSC 10 months
BDC 0x42d56c89e312b40128f93cf4536e7307897cb431 BSC 10 months
BDC 0x086a6ef4af2aa4d9438d4d3bc84c2764d725e576 BSC 10 months
BDC 0xbaE2Af90c9e9205436886bB0477C349929216f67 BSC 11 months
BDC 0x891f1522a3b0ae59e15160b58332e9c63d422bae BSC 11 months
BDC 0xf3facd091dc792d8bb6294aa6bf09aa064e92642 BSC 1 year
BDC 0xb04ecd2960918816703fc1fd92a29032a412f2ea BSC 1 year
BDC 0x5c851d6fdd16f8fe760e8c6e3cae20b4e4ec9ff2 BSC 1 year
BDC 0x75993e695ec574017e53534db5fb379b7d4ad0ce ETH 3 years
BDC 0x83dc1a0f90bbc5c90d5ccc9c254bf164de4d9dde ETH 3 years
BDC 0xaf9ce02409c5e1549a1637446035dab83ab8ae70 ETH 4 years

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