BRD - Bird Bird (BRD) coin on Polygon

Bird BRD is a crypto coin (token) that running on Polygon Ecosystem ERC-20 RecentCoin Increase Bird reach!

BRD Price
$0 ( 0%)
Fully diluted market cap
Total supply: 0 BRD
24h Trade Volume: $0
Liquidity: $0
Holders: 0 addresses
24h Transactions: -
BRD market: Uniswap Uniswap Quick Swap Quick Swap Poocoin Poocoin DEX.Guru DEX.Guru Para Swap Para Swap Any Swap Any Swap Arken.Finance Arken.Finance
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ERC-20 Token Polygon Ecosystem

Bird (BRD) profile

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Check contract: 0xd5a5018ea5850c0f713c4aed5ebf8f4aaca90d02
Listed: 2022-12-06 09:56:06
Decimals: 18
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Wallets that support BRD ERC-20 tokens on Polygon Ecosystem

Just choose and install any of following supported wallets. Сopy Bird (BRD) contact address and add in your wallet.

Metamask Metamask Zelcore Zelcore Trust Wallet Trust Wallet Mathwallet Math wallet

How to buy BRD coin on Polygon mainnet?

Check this official article about how to swap Polygon tokens

How to buy BRD coin

Coins with similar name

Name Ticker Contract Network Age
BRD 0x82bfbc6298cf2b3564ab474dfa4a20d37f9ba244 AVAX 8 months
BRD 0x4950c48ccf576d185eb3a0820728a6cfe435d493 BSC 8 months
BRD 0x554baf1a01c97f1ff37adfa0989a30019a807769 Polygon 8 months
BRD 0xd9881aa3b2be0afce0462ea74d81af7e422914a7 ETH 9 months
BRD 0x9f45931dcc9f968e565f1017c35da9985277f4bd ETH 9 months
BRD 0xa4a02af03f90830bdc18ad27bc39560dcb821e10 BSC 9 months
BRD 0xd3847d6a2d5019a1f503050174e3226193408f35 BSC 9 months
brd 0xa670b1eab244a87dc7b3575ea885615d57723542 BSC 9 months
BRD 0x20f442d96c33f9880887f4f6f541495c0b4b081d ETH 10 months
BRD 0x9821a7c6415a090a9cfac6732d1d69816569e184 BSC 10 months
BRD 0x9ccd9ef573f91a059434671a12513f3b7108f9ad ETH 10 months
BRD 0x61a6b8ade8367ec43f2bddf72edf624eca6fc450 BSC 10 months
BRD 0x64406ddbd5c7b1be2607341c9af75c5fde48c012 BSC 10 months
BRD 0xa5f76ffe1c1cee0d6d923e79df723ba7e8ad450c BSC 10 months
BRD 0xdf8d1c7c238218b3c1d490a0bc7f7288460bd206 BSC 11 months
BRD 0x87f061d88aaf3e18b77f3092feeacc806142d45c BSC 11 months
BRD 0xd0f25ab97388bc5d101df6989c5254d809e791d7 BSC 11 months
BRD 0xd0f25ab97388bc5d101df6989c5254d809e791d7 BSC 11 months
BRD 0xb60843913e11d9ce2138630ef8d22117fbcae609 BSC 11 months
BRD 0x3401ee4bed3dbad826312a7426bfb336a84514bb BSC 1 year
BRD 0x6ba4732e9b59dcbdf07c804346be04a54ae60e3e BSC 1 year
BRD 0xdaec5924aeaced26d3984c39e3fc33aef4317695 BSC 1 year
BRD 0xc44e9a3947f0d6ef0654a3ba3f154b1e8d7dee6b BSC 1 year
BRD 0x0d8c851dcdd405f637ff09116f8558a3a24c6d87 BSC 1 year
BRD 0xf23cd79f1f33d46979d81ac8c11b61c6826a2539 BSC 1 year
BRD 0x3b44b26323263a04cedb7f933b0733ead6defe62 BSC 1 year
BRD 0x0b28880053778bba563a880cf59d5b35c527a730 BSC 1 year
BRD 0x9e98f776e6adac5cf5c219dd5ed71039857f4dbc BSC 1 year
BRD 0x10605d8f8d83b2cad8cca7933499aeb16d8e4214 BSC 1 year
BRD 0x4654726448c7d7d16d2dc9361fa2d5cfbecfc4e4 ETH 1 year
BRD 0x7611B8f7296a2701783Ca65E4CD74A3C1230670E BSC 1 year
BRD 0xd937673270527e58abf8fbbdd7621d93b494f994 BSC 1 year
BRD 0xe4cc15b347a616d02a31c2e85afa4c87bb61b01b BSC 1 year
BRD 0xe75706900535276cfba6eb3df6ee55be5c13ba56 BSC 1 year
BRD 0x9417e0979946df337fbac8c3ac4611528428e8e9 BSC 1 year
BRD 0x1EB11A2A11C05ED1E4211d81667A92440eA7CE36 BSC 1 year
BRD 0xbe016315c338f5c2bf96eca84086496da3e657c6 BSC 1 year
BRD 0x4fb566225ea2773e7a66189e465c5cdf5a1922de ETH 1 year
BRD 0x4403e4d24997dc029b0da7fe330f9b940f8e5637 BSC 1 year
BRD 0xf160a81bce55c25421702ba6a86fe8c2530b594c Polygon 1 year
BRD 0x795d71066e18f5fdd9a6ec322507ebd5bf09370d BSC 1 year
BRD 0x3ecce9c75c9e88fc838b6a533d20138e165c39b7 BSC 1 year
BRD 0x9d424a3e4648df003d5cd2e51f1e548e7e504f4f BSC 1 year
BRD 0x808e5daa318874a3c79d38f2a616e3f70fa50dc2 BSC 1 year
BRD 0x105A8823b2c98eB7023D0Ff756114ad859703A53 BSC 1 year
BRD 0xb17b160ef0018809a57a4155f4a9948f58c83598 BSC 1 year
BRD 0xdb0c336a248e212d58fe21ad057ac6e4137d1170 BSC 1 year
BRD 0xe53507737d8e09cc6FBB0f87E300Eda353fBD69D BSC 1 year
BRD 0x5e07dD278984CC114d254D36fC38a3c0A7C84BB2 BSC 1 year
BRD 0xaeb4d1d2a84593d22527f6584cbb8ba5a5441447 BSC 2 years
BRD 0x8a388bf776143dc6cb01ae38c3cc5414a1fe7e40 BSC 2 years
BRD 0x1232b63b2197c7f0f4be31e84cd311107d8efbb5 BSC 2 years
BRD 0xaf182564c16544677f7cd4698398664ee69cc732 BSC 2 years
BRD 0x40bdd59a46241dc53c95245bf33a2124f2663409 BSC 2 years
BRD 0xe3Ffc930B23Cbc428e9c4899565d18C43e5DB294 BSC 2 years
BRD BekJYnrW64iEx8bSrk8LXpFN1UoAiAgmYMvyrgQCbeFM Solana 2 years
BRD DjDBpTJdatCrfR4XRWgKiQ8WY6K6RNuMsyTKAQ8rK9Rp Solana 2 years
BRD 0x3a1c5572a5c0db50bb4aa638669647a4c0181b3b BSC 2 years
BRD 0x6a0a1946eea299138235d61285f9d24f7991fbe9 BSC 2 years
BRD 0x482655533A594b56D1CBDE9Fc6B1935963764d30 BSC 2 years
BRD 0xdb93bc7d12e0e8445e830e27300d7ca74c5e66fe BSC 2 years
BRD 0x3451b496f1dC82b01acda36799dACc7E257223A0 BSC 2 years
BRD 0xB848a24b7B8F1E1b7181169aa03708459c1F3D14 Fantom 2 years
BRD 0x372F85A00C2F6C416d43Abb9a7eA44492BD33eAa BSC 2 years
BRD 0x81c30608fb30d5c32ba928afbd2e134561709c3d BSC 2 years
BRD 0x558ec3152e2eb2174905cd19aea4e34a23de9ad6 ETH 2 years

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