ADC - Arcadius Arcadius (ADC) coin on BSC

Arcadius ADC is a crypto coin (token) that running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20 RecentCoin Increase Arcadius reach!

ADC Price
$0 ( 0%)
Fully diluted market cap
Total supply: 0 ADC
24h Trade Volume: $0
Liquidity: $0
Holders: 0 addresses
24h Transactions: -
ADC market: Pancake Swap Pancake Swap Mdex Mdex BSC Swap BSC Swap Any Swap Any Swap BSC Station BSC Station DEX.Guru DEX.Guru Para Swap Para Swap Poocoin Poocoin Arken.Finance Arken.Finance
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BEP-20 Token Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

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Check contract: 0x79dfb5f157f1c9ecdd79256c2340422f906a1797
Listed: 2022-11-24 14:20:05
Decimals: 18
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Wallets that support ADC BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Just choose and install any of following supported wallets. ะกopy Arcadius (ADC) contact address and add in your wallet.

Binance Chain Wallet Binance Chain Wallet Metamask Metamask Zelcore Zelcore Trust Wallet Trust Wallet Mathwallet Math wallet

How to buy ADC coin on mobile?

How to buy ADC coin on mobile

How to buy ADC coin on PC?

How to buy ADC coin on pc

Coins with similar name

Name Ticker Contract Network Age
ADC 0xf7c1c28ff2a8cf563abfbffe4607f9b17bc95356 ETH 4 days
ADC 0x463f28c2049319646b473119bb36611e1c92a85d BSC 4 weeks
ADC 0xd873a9d9f7d6756a1d1858194d87e1fd27379db3 BSC 1 month
ADC 0x71e6bb43f1931a2f3c432efb07f83b01a24143a7 AVAX 1 month
adc - adc
adc 0x8f2276577980aea26602306dcbd1e4282a667c4c BSC 1 month
ADC 0xae123e9a8d6752c7c3bde5a7c3980cae61c5e479 BSC 2 months
ADC 0x5318d1dc9f012ad61382d3bdec77eece9b048fa2 BSC 2 months
ADC 0xba27223209d43679307462fd72bef6ea6b88b5e5 BSC 3 months
ADC 0xb53d08292521ddf6e45bdce3abe2d998dc95e4e3 BSC 3 months
ADC 0x5298fb2f2dc2d9712ae1b0097c55b53359f03640 BSC 3 months
ADC 0x1891ae637d94e224238363b07704c15c201ed181 BSC 3 months
ADC 0x24effd5f3a78706f9b4d2a839e779a5f51014b2d BSC 3 months
ADC 0x37c01f615287af4ac79abe2f29c93afaf8389bb2 BSC 3 months
ADC 0x7d60cb5fdb71a6fc670b9d2c366021887b20ac30 BSC 3 months
ADC 0x8e14bf7593f566ba779acc92f1f3161ae3acec77 BSC 3 months
ADC 0x717c556bd8c1b66e1f07ec6282d3ead553278ed8 BSC 3 months
ADC 0x7fa2860501b1d899c8b9ec73189192e80fb6a45a BSC 3 months
ADC 0xa49bfdb9bb18adad0c6c442ef9006423cce42a26 BSC 3 months
ADC 0x6c25fb1b7f8d03b51ef6d06fd8194ac4f1908a1b BSC 4 months
ADC 0x15f3e11bd660b905ee60a3103e91801b3b41d9f9 BSC 4 months
ADC 0x326e1d1b30e71f852a6a65517108d1f17067631b BSC 5 months
ADC 0x470eA7F9F03E4b5673Cc42189294D670f77D6B0f BSC 8 months
ADC 0x76BEF26B668d10D866242664C29487AA9335116a BSC 8 months
ADC 0xc9aDb245282e10c190fb926e442E56BFF346FF72 BSC 8 months
ADC 0xEdf39b68dF1031F96d9Ac20165fCedfaaef47e69 AVAX 8 months
ADC 0xc58a254dc25ebf887b5d768852571673f2ab05cf BSC 9 months
ADC 0x0bf8635feaf82e0ab6e050614c54994ef46d8d61 BSC 9 months
ADC 0xff8da79e64226bf884662558ac4c1bd2754d4ed1 BSC 9 months
ADC 0xd53939D73759Bfcc90731dd2a92d85aFF322b201 BSC 10 months
ADC 0x881db4F4d60CDcbf78ccAA460Cd1A55E8E850D99 BSC 10 months
ADC 0x60ad70478b59971865b3ddb73248a77a92d74d5d BSC 1 year
ADC 0x98ea36482e8b494f4d314c30636e478e1a62354c BSC 1 year
ADC 0x956ddbdb8309490cbccd84a22ec55943d98d7244 ETH 1 year
ADC 0xc5451c3b432687A5a796c4DafD0cb4702874F92D ETH 2 years
ADC 0xb1828a1b56894f68ed16836fd15d3083923b04f8 ETH 3 years
ADC 0x1e41a55030e0d0794abfb6dced22e6c7d18d8247 ETH 4 years

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