AAVE - Aave Token (Wormhole) Aave Token (Wormhole) (AAVE) coin on Solana

Aave Token (Wormhole) AAVE is a crypto coin (token) that running on Solana Ecosystem ERC-20 RecentCoin Increase Aave Token (Wormhole) reach!

AAVE Price
$0 ( 0%)
Fully diluted market cap
Total supply: 1,300 AAVE
24h Trade Volume: $0
Liquidity: $0
Holders: 23 addresses
24h Transactions: -
AAVE market: Raydium Swap Bonfida Orca Atrix 1Sol Spin Dexlab Mango.Markets
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ERC-20 Token Solana Ecosystem

Aave Token (Wormhole) (AAVE) profile

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Check contract: 3vAs4D1WE6Na4tCgt4BApgFfENbm8WY7q4cSPD1yM4Cg
Listed: 2022-01-16 10:41:41
Decimals: 8
Official site: -
Social profiles: -
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AAVE coin price dynamic

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Aave Token (Wormhole) AAVE holders addresses dynamic

AAVE holders snapshot

Rank Address Quantity Percentage
1 HcgBzaJ5StQrD3DWeTDZSNzy4Z8bY3J4xGakNU2VkBG1 114531200000 8810092307.6923%
2 FKSqVuh8qwhBR2vkDeWASLixrct8ndjbaDnUsSdTwNaE 7928600000 609892307.69231%
3 J16qfWGCDKrBWiEmSg3u8kMkUMCe38oyfJ9WTH5wnaZG 7504900000 577300000%
4 65bhoanuUrg2HaFRP7JqGvxG338GzZsALTuhSDkHNQQ2 25300000 1946153.8461538%
5 9acGX7vtQC9NdUu3C7cqm4FHVUmAhBVqWtfMfKEnAhwE 6600000 507692.30769231%
6 TzpgdsyeFzoCeT9NkqQA2S3ukBPL9Hykmm6dSYgT8ro 3400000 261538.46153846%
Aave Token (Wormhole) on Solscan Check Aave Token (Wormhole) holders on Solscan

Aave Token (Wormhole) AAVE daily transactions dynamic

Aave Token (Wormhole) on Solscan Check Aave Token (Wormhole) transactions on Solscan

Wallets that support AAVE ERC-20 tokens on Solana Ecosystem

Just choose and install any of following supported wallets. Сopy Aave Token (Wormhole) (AAVE) contact address and add in your wallet.

Coin98 Coin98 Solflare Solflare Trust Wallet Trust Wallet Zelcore Zelcore Mathwallet Math Wallet

How to buy & swap AAVE coin?

How to buy AAVE coin

Coins with similar name

Name Ticker Contract Network Age
AAVE 0x26e5262823690d6ac34c0531afd9fab3505388d3 BSC 11 months
AAVE 0x7982deca25df9e252a35e0a43a9efa8c5ef4788c BSC 1 year
AAVE 0x8dc0aa39c7210b43800a5e730b5ad74f32f2c90e Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0x80279e6ea3cd130b00cf62f86aafddf2770a2775 BSC 1 year
AAVE 0x6722ae0a34290d4aafce72e6706ba6fd5fabc863 BSC 1 year
aave 0x506da62741c67d289c41cfbedd8708a755ad2277 BSC 1 year
AAVE 0xb0396059b4efadd8d4493f159e2acc933e48eaf2 BSC 1 year
AAVE 0x63ec9238bfb1b516d02864332cac37aebf678233 ETH 1 year
AAVE 0xe381cf980e372f067fcecdef8ec88c1fa6081a7e BSC 1 year
AAVE 0xd0d87d9fc4da77c3774f14a83f7247d8f9d8febc Polygon 1 year
aave 0xc901d53d327f083360061baa3bba00e8a5ac4187 ETH 1 year
AAVE 0xaaf071a12809bef30b735e149cf3ca99fa692fd7 BSC 1 year
AAVE 0x68791cfe079814c46e0e25c19bcc5bfc71a744f7 ETH 1 year
AAVE 0xa2d62d42e63b46cdfa8b1e7c11f6eed84431dbad BSC 1 year
AAVE 0x8f55936f09960e09386ee856c72cc2e983e2e411 BSC 1 year
AAVE 0xeb9cfceac500ab56f05df5c4fa7a6b69b567d98a ETH 1 year
AAVE 0xe76e97c157658004ee22e01c03a5e21a4655a2fd BSC 1 year
AAVE 0x2ba1726ca459a81541cd1b0d1d60943af1175f5d ETH 1 year
AAVE 0xbfe9b94361b11caf6a6b2f39252edbec0f5771b9 ETH 1 year
AAVE 0x017c3fa2bbaa4100242d36857494670b4b3ca836 ETH 1 year
AAVE 0x4c586564aaaad782c0177bd7a7508c5b64926980 AVAX 1 year
AAVE 0xf857e39cc400dd5adee334564f883fcbc52cc4ee BSC 1 year
AAVE 0x44075a2193af0af291b5017b641a24ecde12bb05 BSC 1 year
AAVE 0xf8d2ec51f69622f1e076f6b8bd1eab539fea4725 BSC 1 year
AAVE 0xa2e5c6543d81e087b0d4c57210735d8e1dc64ccc BSC 1 year
AAVE 0xea86074fdac85e6a605cd418668c63d2716cdfbc ETH 1 year
AAVE 0xd1ec5d22ca2c0a47e06440bff4221c7f1f702d0f ETH 1 year
AAVE 0xa48628acca80c1c928e1ae3291d5030d6d7f4643 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0xbdf1f3a99e2bb2157254d110c5b5825801a9e1df BSC 1 year
AAVE 0xa5da65657aeebfb14d8f933e90f94f1dd2788722 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0x7f345eca92d69773a191be8ceb9255e3287b4aa8 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0x4ace9026454357e2edc6d3582f5d25cdb4aa7392 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0x85b9406bcbe33ba5cec12434b3c0818446c621fd Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0x7b0b25f343fd5006da09aa9d34f2e071754c70bb Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0xef7ad4f8529b657907c7021791b5fd2245065fbf Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0x4c8362e7a78ac7a1050a2bcb020d72d574147985 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0x71c3f47a6e571da30084a984c430d2bb000cff74 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0x2EE3C7f21E79671f78CF02C98e12A2cA412d1972 BSC 1 year
AAVE 0x9715a23d25399ef10d819e4999689de3d14eb7e2 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0xe8a0f0175879d66679c00834a95c8d5173c2921a Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0xe537632a4967d4d292c15c966bad1d75fd28f2c7 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0xba6f652fa17384af20a2d59813345b0ee0128d48 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0xd9503c336512120aa6834ab5d9258a32940bb2c6 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0xb5466ab4f8eff1aab6ba562b2f51f58ebdee23c4 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0x6af8a9f330f81e08e5483981fcdbd0d243b98976 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0xd6198855979714255d711a4bb8bf1763d28a473b Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0x81eb78408049258721e8cf68e1b89e93ca49f374 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0xd17b2b383bbe2f8ab616811a478ab576795fce67 BSC 1 year
AAVE 0xf34bf134f1027fc4ed35f24c1cc471b70790aa41 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0x131b15bdf455aa29c98c089eab8ef0fdf4a2e1ee Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0xeb3b7c7f1d4c4b6fd981c96be361d73d61306741 AVAX 1 year
AAVE 0x242c2ec63ef11c4843c0503970c0be826f3d04e0 AVAX 1 year
AAVE 0x91543ac091a32a543fa3dd4c8f1150cd98d2af86 ETH 1 year
AAVE 0x2afba1b43d0183dc2570bf80e1e2c4a6af953524 Polygon 1 year
AAVE 0xfd4e850d8d4eb7ed68b79000102dd241b4daa88e BSC 1 year
AAVE 0xc11b995344d78bb962ec0f00698b10141ea72c17 BSC 1 year
AAVE 0x8e1cb077fc4432d6c01432dc12f6425721ec6461 BSC 2 years
AAVE 0xB4CB8Be1c43404fEB26C612c2Ae37E9231D49232 BSC 2 years
Aave 0xef9f59e782e3f618e24006d2886455b8ba66ac53 BSC 2 years
AAVE 0x5aF033DAFF4fBBb4C7E8ef8E940217B71705290c BSC 2 years
AAVE dK83wTVypEpa1pqiBbHY3MNuUnT3ADUZM4wk9VZXZEc Solana 2 years
AAVE 0x94c7fbc4cfa1bef1c4e6e174819b2f462837dfb4 BSC 2 years
AAVE 0x7fc66500c84a76ad7e9c93437bfc5ac33e2ddae9 ETH 2 years
AAVE 0x36a9655a5b132ec5790ea0682e0055ae3fad2aaa BSC 2 years

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