Shiba Memu investment opportunity as Bitcoin defies risk-off mood

Shiba Memu investment opportunity as Bitcoin defies risk-off mood

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Cryptocurrencies are slowly showing resilience despite a mixed market outlook. Shiba Memu (SHMU) presale crossed the $3.183 million. Meanwhile, a risk-off sentiment disturbs Bitcoin investors less. The largest cryptocurrency held above $26,000 over the weekend despite cooling slightly. The strengths are positive and boost demand for risk-on assets. But how attractive is Shiba Memu, the self-proclaimed marketing guru, ready to take its meme peers? You can get more details of the project presale and how to buy the token here.

Bitcoin’s long-term holding nears an all-time high

Part of the reason Bitcoin is shrugging over bears is increased interest among long-term investors (hodlers). The latest data shows the number of tokens held by long-term investors is at a near-all-time high. The hodling is a positive indicator as it has been used in the past to forecast the state of the crypto market. 

Hodlers keep their Bitcoins during market bottoms, with expectations that strong moves are coming. Long-term holds also happen after bear markets are overdone. Investors convinced that the market is at the bottom would be unwilling to sell. They anticipate turning a profit when a market upturn happens.

While it is too early to project a bullish Bitcoin market, the long-term holding suggests a sentiment shift. This means it could be a matter of when before Bitcoin enjoys robust gains and boosts risk-on assets.

Shiba Memu: a perfect investment for 2024?

When it comes to selecting an investment, the choice is of the investor. But for meme asset investment, the potential for sky-high gains ranks first among other considerations. 

Shiba Memu has been touted as the meme project of the future. Using AI to market itself, the project aims to become sustainable by capturing meme trends. Shiba Memu can create its own PR, initiate a marketing intervention, and counter its dog rivals. 

As a meme cryptocurrency, Shiba Memu also seeks to ride on existing mania and frenzy to become popular. It monitors social platforms for the best creative ideas in advertising and produces them better. The capability enables Shiba Memu to generate its own hype and doesn’t need influencers to gain traction.

The AI application of Shiba Memu makes it a potential investment for 2024 when the token is listed. Shiba Memu could replicate the gains of its meme predecessors and make considerable returns. The prospect is also high as the AI application finds more use cases and Shiba Memu becomes powerful.

Is Shiba Memu a good investment opportunity?

There are several reasons why an investment in a speculative asset like Shiba Memu makes sense. First, it offers a strong alternative to its meme crypto assets. AI is fast growing and earning recognition across many sectors, with crypto one of them. The AI use could allow Shiba Memu to become a sensational crypto project with strong gains in the future. 

Investors would also be excited that Shiba Memu debuts when the rest of the sector is soiling. With the Bitcoin long-term holding improving, fortunes could change for the better. By the time Shiba Memu debuts on exchanges in 2024, an improved sentiment could benefit the token. 

The social dynamics of Shiba Memu are another utility. The project features an AI dashboard for real-time updates and connections. Not only do the social features give investors power, but they also make Shiba Memu popular. This increases utility and the potential for the token to explode in value.

Should you buy Shiba Memu in the presale?

Shiba Memu is offered at a discount at presale. The token’s price rises every day at 6 PM GMT. This means buying now is better. SHMU carries a high return for early investors who will receive high-value tokens after the presale ends. Buying in presale also capitalises on potential initial price gains when the token debuts on exchanges.

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