Ethereum Remains Stable With Over 3 Million ETH Unstaked

Ethereum Remains Stable With Over 3 Million ETH Unstaked

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Key Points:

  • With the Shanghai upgrade, more than 3 million ETH has been unstaked on the Ethereum network.
  • Once Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade permitted withdrawals from staking contracts, Celsius is reshuffling its staked ETH holdings.
  • The amount of ETH on exchanges has decreased significantly in recent times.
With the Shanghai update, which enhanced transaction throughput and cut costs, Ethereum is set to further alter the crypto world, opening the door to new possibilities and applications.
Ethereum Remains Stable With Over 3 Million ETH Unstaked

Ethereum’s recent improvements in becoming a proof of stake (PoS) blockchain is a significant leap in cryptocurrencies. This confirms that the transaction now relies more on validators. This will provide various advantages, including making the process quicker and more energy efficient.

Ether’s decentralized finance (DeFi) activity has decreased in the bear market, and the industry faces further competition from Ethereum’s yearly staking return of more than 3.6%.

According to OKLink, more than 3 million ETH have been unstaked since the Shanghai upgrade, and there are now 603,029 validators. The current ETH staking amount is 19.3 million, and the ETH staking rate is 16.05%.

Shanghai staking yields give crypto benchmark interest rates. After the refurbishment in Shanghai in April, Celsius has been very busy. The corporation unstaked 6,000 ETH from the Beacon Chain before removing all of its staked ETH from Lido Finance.

When withdrawals were made possible, this makes the lender one of the most active companies in the business. So far, it has withdrawn 428,000 ETH from Lido and has 32,000 ETH still pending withdrawals through the staking process. Celsius also employs institutional staking service Figment for their ETH staking activity.

But, fresh statistics suggested a slowing inflow of Ethereum into exchanges in recent weeks. The most recent chart analysis shows that the current balance of Ethereum on exchanges hit a new low, suggesting a fall in total liquidity on these platforms.

Ethereum Remains Stable With Over 3 Million ETH Unstaked
Source: Glassnode

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