PEPE becomes 2nd most traded crypto. Here are 5 Cryptos that could follow

PEPE becomes 2nd most traded crypto. Here are 5 Cryptos that could follow

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Despite posting strong results in the first quarter of 2023, the global cryptocurrency market isn’t out of trouble yet. From global economic factors to regulatory action, many challenges remain for the industry. Having said that, analysts are quite optimistic about the industry’s prospects and feel options like InQubeta, DigiToad, and Pepe are dependable projects that can help crypto users maximize their returns. 

Pepe is a leading meme token that recently became the second most traded crypto in international markets. Rapidly gaining popularity and on a similar trajectory is InQubeta, an Ethereum-powered platform that enables startups working in the field of artificial intelligence to raise seed capital and build innovative projects. This recent ico has been getting attention thanks to its state-of-the-art model that’s packed with features. The reasons behind InQubeta’s popularity are numerous, chief among them being its capacity to fuel a transformation in the DeFi ecosystem. The model offers a twin advantage of encouraging entrepreneurship in the field of AI while enabling innovators to use DeFi tools to raise seed capital for their projects. 

The following list features four other cryptocurrencies, in addition to InQubeta, that have the potential to smash several crypto records in the near future and take crypto portfolios to the next level.

 1. InQubeta: Empowering AI startups with DeFi tools

InQubeta is a next-generation platform that strives to address the lack of fundraising opportunities in the startup ecosystem. The lack of funds often keeps innovators from going ahead with projects that can drive growth not only for them but for society at large. With its futuristic model, InQubeta enables startup founders to score investments transparently and securely with its decentralized network. It also gives investors a chance to use their funds to drive innovation and create global impact. 

The platform converts projects into NFTs that can be purchased by investors. The sale proceeds are then used by startups to finance their operations. The platform has rolled out a native token called QUBE which is the main cryptocurrency on the network. For those interested, the team has made the token available on presale. The cryptocurrency ico has been hitting the headlines with its presale success. 

InQubeta represents a lucrative opportunity that has enabled it to emerge as a trailblazer – a rare feat among new altcoins. The platform represents a unique investment opportunity for investors who have the option of choosing between investing in an entire project or a fraction of it. In the second option, the project is fractionalized and investors can opt to invest in any way that suits their budget. At the same time, they get the advantage of being an early bird and can reap the rewards of spotting an opportunity at the right time. InQubeta’s NFT marketplace brings AI startups and investors together via its permissionless network and creates an ecosystem that benefits both parties.

The QUBE token is one of the best cryptos for beginners because of its multi-functional framework. Being a deflationary crypto token, the coin’s supply is intentionally kept lower than its market demand. The supply is kept scarce by scheduling regular ‘token burn’ events. With a limited supply, the InQubeta team ensures that there are no price fluctuations and token holders don’t lose their returns to market volatility. QUBE is also the governance token of the platform, so token holders get the freedom to participate in decision-making. They also get voting rights to vote for proposals moved by other community members and can also introduce proposals themselves.

The platform levies a 5% tax whenever a token holder sells the QUBE token. The tax proceeds are divided between different use cases, like maintaining the rewards and liquidity pool and funding marketing activities. A portion of the tokens collected by the platform as tax proceeds are burned to keep their supply from shooting past a given threshold.

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2. DigiToads: Could become the top crypto coin in 2023

DigiToads is a good cryptocurrency for beginners as it balances variety with functionality to give its users the leeway to explore the platform and its features to their heart’s content. What’s unique about DigiToads is that its economic framework has been designed by merging three cryptocurrency models – a meme coin, a stake-to-earn portal, and a play-to-earn game. As a result, one can explore a plethora of opportunities on the platform that include staking NFTs, trading assets, playing Web 3.0 games, participating in trading competitions, and entering giveaways. The platform’s native token TOADS is the medium of exchange on the network and is used for transactional purposes.

What makes DigiToads a good crypto to buy is the ease with which one can earn high crypto rewards with its Web 3.0 game. As part of the game, players have to score the highest at the end of the season by defeating their competitors in a virtual swamp. They have the option of seeking help from digital creatures called DigiToads, who are known for their extraordinary strength and special traits. You can also shop for training equipment, food, or potions for these creatures. While all these in-game assets are bought with TOADS tokens, a portion of the tokens collected as sale proceeds are used for maintaining the prize pool. The players surviving till the end of the season are rewarded with TOADS Tokens.

3. LimeWire: Providing better opportunities for content creators

What makes LMWR the best crypto for beginners is that it has multiple use cases. It is used as the payment mechanism inside the LimeWire ecosystem and also as a reward and governance token. LimeWire is a content-sharing platform that allows artists to reach their fans directly without depending on middlemen or third-party vendors. Content creators can gain a bigger share of royalties and gain more freedom as it is built through blockchain technology and does not censor content. Subscribers will be able to make payments through the LMWR token and also tip their favorite creators. In addition, attractive discounts will be offered to users who pay through the LMWR token. Content creators will also gain more flexibility over how they wish to share their posts with their community. 

LimeWire has been relaunched as a community portal that will allow creators to interact directly with their fans. It has been built on the Algorand blockchain network but will ensure interoperability with other networks in the future. Users will also receive NFTs for unlocking content and creators will remain in control of their original posts. A pay-per-view model will also be included on the LimeWire platform to ensure everybody gets access and not just permanent subscribers. Content creators will be able to receive lifetime revenue for their hard work. The LMWR token could potentially register a huge rally in the future as it has strong utilities and is backed by an interesting revenue model. LimeWire has an early mover advantage as there is a need for such decentralized content-sharing communities. 

4. Polygon: Ramping up the power of Ethereum-based dApps

Polygon is a top crypto to invest in that has gained fame as a scaling solution for Ethereum-compatible dApps and other decentralized infrastructures. Its native token MATIC is the medium of exchange on the network and facilitates all kinds of transactional purposes. The Layer 2 blockchain stands out because of its focus on solving challenges while scaling dApps and paving the way for instant blockchain transactions. It has become one of the most popular scaling solutions for the Ethereum network. 

The network leverages a customized version of the Plasma framework, which allows sidechains powered by Polygon to achieve more than 65,000 transactions in each block. The Plasma framework is built using proof-of-stake checkpoints that can be deployed seamlessly on the Ethereum mainnet. Keeping commercial viability in mind, Polygon sidechains are designed to support a wide range of decentralized finance protocols that are compatible with Ethereum. In the future, the platform aims to add more base chains to improve its interoperability.

5. Polkadot: Driving impact with parachains

Polkadot is a multichain blockchain protocol that connects a network of specialized blockchains called parachains. The network of parachains is not only interoperable but also facilitates the seamless transfer of data and assets. Its native token is DOT, which is used for meeting all kinds of transactional obligations on the network. Being a metaprotocol, the platform can autonomously update its code through its on-chain governance mechanism without requiring a fork each time. However, the proposed changes in the codebase must be approved by the community of token holders. 

With Polkadot, developers can look forward to deploying simple yet secure and highly scalable dApps. By making use of the Polkadot protocol, they can connect private and public blockchains, permissionless networks, oracles, and future-ready technologies. Using the DOT token, one can stake assets and keep the network secure.


The above-mentioned names are reliable options that crypto users can choose to ride out market volatility while maximizing their gains. These crypto projects are considered the top crypto coins of 2023 as they have managed to ace the task of balancing functionality with versatility. Plus, they have user-friendly interfaces that make them ideal projects for anyone interested in a beginner cryptocurrency. 

However, if you are someone who prefers crypto options for long-term gains, analysts would recommend InQubeta, as many of them feel it has an edge due to its unique model. By offering its users various options to earn passive income, InQuebta empowers its users to build a steady source of returns. In terms of future performance, analysts are quite optimistic about the QUBE token. In the coming months, they even expect the QUBE token to potentially cross the 30x threshold once it gets listed on mainstream exchanges. 

Do your own research and find out more about these tokens by visiting their official sites. Some of the cryptocurrencies listed above, such as InQubeta and DigiToads, are available on presale, and it is a good opportunity to accumulate these tokens in huge volumes for potentially high returns in the long term future. 

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