Monero (XMR) Shows Signs of Bullish Trend Amid Market Stability

Monero (XMR) Shows Signs of Bullish Trend Amid Market Stability

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  • Monero has seen significant gains over the past two months.
  • Market stability is evidenced by increased long-term investments and minimal liquidations.
  • Monero’s trading volume spiked by 7.60% as it tested its resistance levels.

Discover the secret behind Monero’s impressive performance and market stability in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

Monero’s Recent Price Surge

Monero, well-known for its privacy features, has experienced a notable surge in value over the past two months. Despite a recent drop of over 3% in the last 24 hours, the altcoin is trading at $171, supported by a 7.60% increase in trading volume. This indicates a strong attempt to breach significant resistance levels.

Analyzing Bullish Signals

On examining the broader trend, Monero has appreciated by over 70%, suggesting a robust bullish trend. Recently, a hammer pattern appeared, hinting at a potential market reversal amidst last day’s depreciation. Metrics support this, with the weighted funding rate showing market stability, which is conducive to further price increases.

Market Metrics and Future Outlook

The liquidation levels indicate market stability, as evidenced by $2.39k liquidated from long positions and $1.89k from short positions in the last 24 hours. Additionally, the Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) reading of 0.14 implies buying pressure and higher accumulation rates. These factors suggest that Monero might soon surpass its immediate resistance levels.


Monero’s substantial price increase and market metrics are indicative of a sustained uptrend. With ongoing buying pressure and a stable market environment, Monero is poised to tackle and potentially exceed critical resistance benchmarks, offering a promising outlook for investors.

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