MicroStrategy to Offer $500M in Convertible Notes to Buy More Bitcoin

MicroStrategy to Offer $500M in Convertible Notes to Buy More Bitcoin

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  • MicroStrategy, a prominent business intelligence firm known for its substantial Bitcoin holdings, has unveiled plans to issue $500 million worth of convertible senior notes due in 2032.
  • The proceeds from this strategic financial move are earmarked for the acquisition of additional Bitcoin, as well as for other various corporate needs.
  • The company is also considering an option for initial buyers to purchase up to an additional $75 million in notes within 13 days following their issuance date.

MicroStrategy to Issue $500M Convertible Notes to Acquire More Bitcoin

MicroStrategy’s New Financial Strategy for Bitcoin Acquisition

The NASDAQ-listed firm MicroStrategy has announced an innovative approach to boost its Bitcoin holdings through the issuance of $500 million in convertible senior notes. According to their press release, these notes will mature on June 15, 2032, unless they are either repurchased, redeemed, or converted before this date. The interest on these notes is scheduled to be paid semi-annually, beginning on December 15, 2024.

Details of the Convertible Notes

The notes will be unsecured senior obligations of MicroStrategy, bearing interest payable on June 15th and December 15th every year. From June 20, 2029, the company holds the right to redeem part or all of the notes, given that at least $75 million in principal remains outstanding by the notice date. Furthermore, the bondholders have the option to demand repurchase of any part of their notes for cash on June 15, 2029.

Conversion and Repurchase Options

MicroStrategy has structured the notes to be convertible into cash, class A common stock, or a mix of both at their discretion. Initially, these notes will be convertible only upon specific events until December 15, 2031, after which they will be open for conversion at any time up to the second scheduled trading day before maturity. This strategic flexibility could appeal to various investors, offering multiple exit strategies based on market conditions and the company’s stock performance.

Interest Rate and Conversion Terms

Specific details such as the interest rate and the initial conversion rate of the notes will be finalized at the time of pricing the offering. MicroStrategy expects to use the U.S. composite volume weighted average price of its class A common stock on the date of pricing to determine the initial conversion price. This price setting mechanism aims to align the conversion incentives with the market valuation of the company’s stock, thereby potentially enhancing investor confidence.


In summary, MicroStrategy’s $500 million convertible note offering marks a significant move to increase its Bitcoin reserves. This strategic initiative not only reflects the company’s steadfast belief in Bitcoin’s potential but also provides investors with flexible financial instruments tailored to a dynamic market environment. As Michael Saylor, the company’s executive chairman, continues to advocate for Bitcoin, this financial maneuver could serve as a key driver in the broader acceptance and institutional adoption of cryptocurrency.

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