Is Andrew Tate’s “Daddy” Token Playing Dirty?

Is Andrew Tate’s “Daddy” Token Playing Dirty?

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  • Suspicious activity flagged around Andrew Tate’s “Daddy” token launch.
  • Large token purchases before promotion raise market manipulation concerns.
  • Investors cautioned against “Daddy” token due to potential risks.

Blockchain analytics platform Bubblemaps has identified suspicious insider activity surrounding the launch of Andrew Tate’s “Daddy” token (DADDY), raising concerns about potential market manipulation.

According to the blockchain data platform, insiders acquired 30% of the Daddy token’s supply at launch before Tate publicized it. These insiders allegedly hold Daddy tokens worth more than $45 million. Following this post, Tate blocked Bubblemaps on the X platform.

Daddy’s deployer address transferred 40% of the Daddy token to Tate at approximately 21:42 UTC on …

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