Bitcoin Withdrawals Hit Record $2B as Investors Move Assets Off Exchanges

Bitcoin Withdrawals Hit Record $2B as Investors Move Assets Off Exchanges

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  • Bitcoin is witnessing its fastest outflow from exchanges in years, challenging previous records.
  • On March 1, around $2 billion worth of Bitcoin was withdrawn from exchanges, marking one of the largest single-day withdrawals.
  • “I don’t think I’ve quite seen anything like this before,” comments James Van Straten of CryptoSlate.

This analysis explores the significant surge in Bitcoin withdrawals from exchanges, indicating a potential shift in investor behavior and its implications for the cryptocurrency market.

Unprecedented Outflows Echo 2021’s Record Withdrawals

Bitcoin Exchange Reserve - All Exchanges
Bitcoin Exchange Reserve – All Exchanges

Recent data from on-chain analytics firm CryptoQuant and insights by James Van Straten of CryptoSlate highlight an unparalleled movement of Bitcoin off exchanges. With around $2.3 billion worth of Bitcoin withdrawn on a single day, the market is reminiscent of June 2021’s withdrawal spike. This trend suggests a growing preference among investors to hold their Bitcoin in private wallets, possibly indicating a bullish outlook on the cryptocurrency’s future value.

Spotlight on Major Exchanges and ETF Influences

Van Straten’s analysis sheds light on the distribution of these outflows, noting significant withdrawals from Binance and Coinbase, with Binance’s outflows particularly notable for their independence from ETF-related movements. This activity underscores the varied factors driving Bitcoin’s withdrawal phenomenon, including institutional investments via ETFs and individual investors’ increasing preference for holding their assets outside centralized exchanges.

The Diminishing Bitcoin Supply on Exchanges

Glassnode’s data reveals that the total Bitcoin available on major trading platforms has dropped to its lowest since March 2018, when Bitcoin traded around $8,000. This shrinking supply on exchanges not only highlights the increasing withdrawal activity but also points to a potential tightening of available Bitcoin for trading, which could have significant implications for its price volatility and liquidity.

New Investors Entering the Bitcoin Market

Aside from withdrawal rates, the market composition is also evolving, with new entities and “younger” coins entering the scene. Analysis from CryptoQuant’s Crypto Dan indicates a vibrant influx of new investors, as evidenced by the activity of coins dormant for six months or more. This influx of new market participants is poised to usher in what many hope to be a “true bull market,” driven by fresh investment and increased demand.


The recent surge in Bitcoin withdrawals from exchanges, coupled with the entry of new investors, signifies a notable shift in the cryptocurrency market dynamics. As Bitcoin reserves on exchanges diminish and new players enter the field, the landscape is set for potential price appreciation and increased market activity. Investors and market observers alike will be keen to monitor how these trends develop, shaping the future of Bitcoin’s valuation and its role in the broader financial ecosystem.

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