Seneca Hacker Returns $5.3M to Protocol After Negotiations

Seneca Hacker Returns $5.3M to Protocol After Negotiations

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  • Seneca Protocol recovers 80% of the funds it lost in the recent exploit from the hacker after negotiation.
  • The funds were returned after the protocol offered a bounty.
  • The attacker moved the remaining funds to new addresses.

The hacker behind the Seneca Protocol exploit on Wednesday has returned 80% of funds stolen during the security breach, on-chain data shows.

On February 28, an attacker compromised a vulnerability in the protocol and stole $3 million in digital assets before transferring another 1,000 ETH to two externally owned accounts. 

This escalated the estimated loss to over $6 million.

Following the exploit, the Seneca team reached out to the attacker, offering a bounty in exchange for the return of the stolen funds.

Hacker Heeds Seneca’s Call

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In a February 29 X (Twitter) post, the Seneca team wrote a message to the attacker, urging them to return the stolen funds and keep 20% as a bounty for their “efforts.”

“We are collaborating with third-party security providers and law enforcement to trace the funds and identify recipient wallets. Acting promptly is crucial, so we kindly request that you return the funds as soon as possible to avoid any further legal action,” the team wrote.

Hours after Seneca shared the message on X and on-chain, the hacker returned 1,537 ETH, worth around $5.3 million, to the Ethereum address specified by the team. 

The restitution happened in three transactions, two amounting to 500 ETH each and one transfer of 537 ETH.

The Seneca team activated the recipient address of the transfers on February 29, and as of press time, it held 1,536 ETH, worth about $5.4 million.

Moments after the funds were returned, the exploiter’s address shifted 300 ETH in two transactions to two new external wallets. 

The moved ETH equals the 20% bounty the Seneca team offered the attacker.

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