3 Trillion BabyDoge Burned in Last 24 Hours

3 Trillion BabyDoge Burned in Last 24 Hours

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  • 3 trillion BabyDoge worth $8,568.29 were burned in the last 24 hours.
  • BabyDoge Chess game is going to be live soon.

In the past 24 hours, the Baby Doge Coin burn portal has processed 3,925,005,205,820.60 BabyDoge. These 3 trillion tokens are worth approximately $8,500. And in the last hour, the burn rate value was 119,100,677,285; the USD conversion gives a numeric value of $260.

Burn token’s enormous numbers have always kept the Baby Doge the talk of the town. As an add-on to it, the recent launch of the BabyDoge Chess game is also acting as an exploration option for the users.

As the game is in the final stages of development and testing, users can expect the live very soon. Players can match against other BabyDoges, and the winners will gain the native token of the platform. 

With all these occurrences, the community appears to be working on a set agenda to keep the platform on-trend. “#BabyDogeCoin” has 10.5K tweets, and the official handle has attracted 1.85 million followers.

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